Magnifying the world through shimmering Ergo Lens

Andrea Divirgilio / October 10, 2008

ergo line limited edition lens X8hdo 59

Reading is so much more fun with those lenses that expand the words to pleasant limits – yes, you are right, I mean the old-time favorite, magnifying glasses. Using the lens in its conventional form isn’t a habit with many people nowadays. In a bid to rebuild an interest in their usage, ERGO has released a line of lenses that will take your breath away. Who wouldn’t cherish a product adorned by Swarovski Crystals that magnifies a word four times its original size? Even the black plastic used is high gloss material to shimmering limits, complementing the glitter of those embedded crystals. Such things can understandably not be mass produced, and they are therefore available as a limited edition for one year, with only 10,000 of them being on the shelves. If you place an order you will get a special case along with a certificate of authenticity. Unfortunately, translation woes restrict us from revealing the pricing of this product.

Via: Optithek/Entspannteslesen

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