Majestic Timepieces by Titan Nebula inspired by Rambagh Palace
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Majestic Timepieces by Titan Nebula inspired by Rambagh Palace

Majestic Timepieces by Titan Nebula inspired by Rambagh Palace

A luxury watch usually says a lot about the monetary and social status of its owner and if you are amongst the uber rich collector of the luxurious time pieces then, Titan, a product of Tata has unveiled its latest collection that is inspired by the graceful Rambagh Palace.

The magnificent palaces and forts are symbol of royalty and richness and thus the Titan was inspired to create a masterpiece that depicts royalty. The Rambagh Palace was built in 1835 and is standing still in majesty since then in Jaipur (India). Titan Nebula collection is crafted for the people who understands the elegance of royalty; unveiled two majestic timepieces the Kings Watch and the Queens. The designs are a perfect blend of elegance and imperial features. Have a look at the breathtaking pieces below:

The Kings Watch:

King Watch

The Kings Watch is inspired by the iconic fountain of Rambagh’s polo club. The club has a magnificent mosaic masterpiece as a center of attraction of the room. This masterpiece was the foremost artistic inspiration for the creation of the Kings Watch. The Watch is crafted in the solid gold made in a polygonal shape like the structure in the palace’s polo club. Each curve is finely detailed and artfully done and is highlighted by vivid reflections of speckled light. The Watch has a leather strap that further enhances the elegance of the timepiece.

The Queens Watch:

Queen Watch

Inspired by the Rambagh Palace’s breathtaking royal architecture, this stunning watch resembles to the lotus fountain in the Palace. The regal fountain is located at the entrance court and is designed in multilayered marble finish that shows an amazing floral arrangement. The Watch gracefully displays the royal fountain and the floral pattern casted in pure gold. Each petal of the design is intricately designed and crafted to do justice with the inspiration. Not only gold but the Queens watch has diamonds encrusted to it, hence the watch gets diamonds studded all over the wrist and the floral pattern. A beautiful depiction of peacock that is displayed throughout the fountain is also found in this Queens timepiece.

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