Man Wall is Mecca for geeks, couch potatoes and all aficionados, for God’s sake

Andrea Divirgilio / June 18, 2009

man wall

This is an ultimate big boy toy. A Florida company named HybridSpace Furniture has rolled out the world’s first “Man Wall” that has everything manly to impress the big boys. Combining different functionalities into one single unit, this fully integrated unit comes complete with four TVs, DVD player with 5-CD changer, Panasonic 5.1 home theater system, a full-size built-in beer keg with refrigerator and tap, a live sports ticker, a microwave oven, two cigar humidors, a five-speaker home theater surround sound system, two wireless surround speakers, an iPod docking station and a 32-bottle wine rack. The Man Wall severs all the necessities of the modern day Man Cave, without taking mush of your precious space. The Jetson-like system is surely going to appeal to the sports enthusiasts, as it features a 7-foot live sports ticker and can display four different games at one time or one game on all four TVs, which include a 52-inch Vizio LCD TV in the center surrounded by three smaller Vizios. A matrix splitter allows the users to control all the four TVs with a single remote. Vince Caruso, one of two designers behind this manly masterpiece, said…

This is the Taj Mahal of Man Room accessories, it has everything but the kitchen sink and we only left that out to make room for the full-size kegerator.

Customization is also available. You can go for more TVs, your favorite team colors, bigger sound system or a fireplace. The Man Wall will set you back $14,900 plus shipping, and that seems pretty reasonable when you consider the time and money one can spend while creating his own Man Room.

Via: ElectronicHouse

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