Manhattan penthouse boasts of stainless steel ‘intestinal’ 80-Foot Tube Slide Covering Four Floors
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Manhattan penthouse boasts of stainless steel ‘intestinal’ 80-Foot Tube Slide Covering Four Floors

Manhattan penthouse boasts of stainless steel ‘intestinal’ 80-Foot Tube Slide Covering Four Floors

How wonderful it would be for the kids, if their homes had a private slide included? Well, one mathematically obsessed couple has converted their luxury penthouse based on 4 floors, into a playground, by incorporating a stainless steel 80-foot tube slide covering the four-floors. Made in precise mathematical proportions, this slide runs through 4 floors, often barging into the living spaces with its abstract aesthetics. Looks like architect David Hotson had quite a time trying to decipher the mathematical dissertation, based on which this whimsical, and totally quirky piece of architecture had to be imbibed into the construction.

Manhattan house with slide

What can be rightly called a ‘stainless steel intestine’ at best, this private slide runs for a length of 24 meters, and that too bang through the center of the penthouse. Not just this, the rest of the up-market luxury property has taken inspirations from Belgian artist Carsten Holler apart from Wallace & Gromit, do deck up the place more as a luxury playground.

Steel slide in bedroom

The house is based on the 21st floor of the building located at 150, Nassau Street in Manhattan, and is spread over a lavish 7,000 sq ft of space. Right from the attic on the top most floors, the slide takes the rider down via multiple floors, during which one can see the interiors of the residence. Further, there are windows at the 3rd floor so that fresh air can be let in and the outside can viewed while on a sliding journey.

Steel slide in living room

When one looks at the surrounding properties, this particular one strikes hard for standing out totally. Based on top of one of the city’s oldest skyscrapers, this house also sports 32 windows, 4 bedrooms, wraparound style terrace but a rather classical slanting castle-like roof.

Steel slide near the siting space

Throughout the penthouse, there are colorful murals and decorative pieces of art sprinkled out. This was certainly a marked difference, when one considers that the building was largely a heap of beams and left as a semi-complete structure before being converted into a set of grand apartment.

Steel slide oulet

This however, isn’t the only case of wealthy owners adding a touch of childishness to their properties. We have earlier shown you professional poker player Phil Ganfond’s penthouse duplex, the Kazuki Nakamura and Kenichi Izuhara home, and the luxurious Tudor Estate in Hillsborough which boast of a slide within the residences. Looks like, sliding is the way to go when you have the cash to spare to create properties such as these.

Steel slide going through the spaces

Via: Herald Sun/ NY Daily

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