Marcos Mantaray
Marcos Mantaray | $ 28,945
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Marcos Mantaray

Marcos Mantaray

The Marcos Mantaray is a high-performance vehicle designed and manufactured by British sports car manufacturer Marcus. The basic design of the Mantaray was based by and large on the Marcos Mantis and the Marcos GTS. The Mantaray was fitted with a much more powerful engine than its predecessors and was blessed with the ideal combination of sleek looks, comfortable handling experience and excellent on road performance. Only 18 of these super cars were manufactured during the Mantaray’s two year factory production run stretching from 1998 to 2000, making it one of the most sought after limited edition British sports vehicles. Interestingly, only seventeen of these sports cars were sold off in a fully manufactured condition since the construction of the 18th unit was never completed, forcing Marcus to dispose it off in its chassis only form. An old used Marcos Mantaray can fetch anywhere in the region of $25,000 to $55,000 at any current auction.

                  Marcos Mantaray is available intermittently through successive decades under its private Brand name.


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The interiors of the Marcos Mantaray were pretty luxuriously styled and fitted with a variety of high end electronic gadgets, and provided with an extensive leather and wooden trim level. The seats have been upholstered in high end black color leather. Floors have been lined with black colored carpets. The dashboard sports a stylish appearance due to its elm veneer finish. The controls are pretty easy to operate. A power steering along with electronically operated mirrors has been fitted inside the car. A CD fitted with a GPS touch screen stereo system serves as the on board entertainment system. Superb security features like an alarm along with an immobilizer have been installed inside the Mantaray. 



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A Marcos Mantaray could either be purchased off the shelf in a standard coupe or convertible version when it was first unleashed on the world automobile market. The convertible model of the two-door sports car was fitted with a foldable cloth rooftop. The streamlined aerodynamic appearance of the Mantaray was further enhanced due to its metallic paint finish. The car has been fitted with four 17-inch alloy wheels, black hood and Tonneau cover, electronically operated windows and a heated front windscreen. The Mantaray was available in a variety of paint options like indigo blue, metallic gray, titanium silver and metallic black. 


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