Mardan Palace: Europe’s most expensive hotel, where champagne costs £25 a glass

Andrea Divirgilio / May 26, 2009

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Think of a hotel where champagne costs £25 a glass, bathrooms have gold plated mirrors on the floor, toilets are remote controlled and the private beach has been created from 9,000 tons of white sand imported from Egypt. We are talking about the newly opened, most expensive hotel in Europe – the Mardan Palace. The £800 million luxury resort in Antalya, Turkey had an audience of 600 rich and famous people at its opening party. A stunning fireworks display impressed the guests at the opening party. Celebrities who played guests were Richard Gere, Sir Tom Jones, Sharon Stone and Mariah Carey. Paris Hilton, the recession fighter, was also on the VIP guests list. More than £1 billion has been spent on this project by Russian billionaire Telman Ismailov. Hotel suites cost a whopping £11,500 ($18,300) a night. Mardan Palace is festooned with 500,000 crystals and 23,000 square meters of Italian marble. The lavish resort has 560 rooms, including two Royal Suites with private pools.

A gondola ride across the blue water pool takes 30 minutes. Want to enjoy swimming with fish? An aquarium sits inside the pool and contains 2,400 fish. A waterside Italian restaurant, which is one of the 11 inside the hotel, features £1.35 million worth of Hermés crockery.

One seasoned Russian journalist said…

Rich Russians go to France or England if they have the money – not Turkey. It’s too much like our own country; the lifestyle and the people. Who will come here?

Whether anyone goes there or not, it’s good to see the uber rich spending money on such lavish projects in these tough times. Personally, I would love to go there to swim with the fish and enjoy my glass of champagne.

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Via: DailyMail

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