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United States
Net Worth $ 100 Million
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Born on: 6th Nov 55 Born in: United States Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Author and Journalist
Born Maria Owings Shriver has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Maria Shriver is an award winning journalist who successfully managed to carve out an independent identity for her even when she was married to the iconic Hollywood superstar, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Shriver has garnered acclaim for her conscientious style of reporting and was universally lauded for the graceful way she conducted herself when she was the First Lady of California. The multi-talented lady has also authored six bestselling books. Marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger ensured that Shriver had access to all the copious riches of her husband. It’s not clear exactly how much money she made out of her enormously successful media career. Various estimates, none of them confirmed, put her media fortune at close to $10 million. Legal experts estimate that Shriver’s impending divorce settlement will net her an amount in the region of $100 million. Even though precise estimates are very hard to come by, Shriver’s net worth is supposed to be in region of $100 million to $110 million. Shriver has enjoyed a very luxurious way of life after she tied the knot with Schwarzenegger. The journalist used to reside in a massive mansion valued at $12 million in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles along with her kids when she was married to the “Last Action Hero”. Maria’s quality of life has not suffered any significant drop after her split with Schwarzenegger. The lady has purchased a gated villa valued at $10 million just 5 km away from her old home. Shriver has displayed a strong activist streak and has never hesitated to voice her opinions on matters close to her heart. She has vigorously campaigned to secure the rights of people suffering from intellectual disabilities and is also closely associated with several women’s rights causes. As First Lady of California she initiated several initiatives to increase the state’s capability to deal with natural calamities and also played a huge role in revitalizing the California State museum. Maria Shriver was born in Chicago to a father of German descent and an Irish mother. She is the youngest of five siblings and is the niece of former U.S president John. F. Kennedy. Shriver holds a bachelor's degree in American Studies from Georgetown University. In 1977 Maria met Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger at a charity event and tied the knot with him in Massachusetts on April 1986 after a long courtship. The couple went on to have four children together. Unfortunately after 25 years of marriage the pair announced their separation on May 2011 following reports of Schwarzenegger publicly admitting about the affair he had with one of the female members of his household staff.
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Maria Shriver Estates and Homes (1)

Brentwood home

Brentwood home

Maria Shriver moved into her new Brentwood home on the last week of February 2013. Shriver purchased the property in the second half of 2012 after she split from her husband of 25 years, ex-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The American journalist and author of six best-selling books paid around $10 million for her new pad, which is situated just 5 kilometers away from the home she shared with "The Terminator" star. The mansion will now serve as the permanent residence of Shriver and her truncated family consisting of her two minor children and a family pet. The interiors of the villa were in an extremely dilapidated condition when Maria purchased it as a result of which the entire property underwent a three month long extensive renovation process.

Location: Shriver’s new home is situated in the upmarket Brentwood neighborhood in the Californian city of Los Angeles.

Accommodation: Shriver’s palatial home is enclosed by a security gate and sits in the middle of a ground measured at 0.5 acres. The villa is spread over two levels and offers a combined living area of 11,000 square feet. The living quarters of Maria’s home consist of eight bedrooms, living room, dining area, family room and seven bathrooms. The outdoor garage can fit in three cars at a time.

Features: The outdoor portion of Shriver’s new home contains amenities like a medium sized swimming pool. The indoor area has been equipped with luxury features like a gymnasium equipped with state of the art fitness equipment and a home theater system. The wine cellar contains a selection of the some of the finest Californian wines. The kitchen has been fitted with all the latest electronic cooking appliances and the entire home is climate protected by a centralized air conditioning system.

Neighborhood: Hollywood icon Harrison Ford owns a home near Shriver’s mansion.

Maria Shriver Autos and Cars (2)

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Maria Shriver drives Mercedes Benz S Class

Maria Shriver drives a matte black Mercedes-Benz S-Class car. On July 2011, the actress was spotted in her car driving to dine at a posh Los Angeles restaurant situated near her home along with her daughter. The Mercedes-Benz S-class is one of the luxurious cars from German automakers stable, and it includes high end features like a large grille, double glazed windows, LED running lights and metallic paint finish. Shriver has upholstered the heated seats of her $95,000 S-class with premium suede leather and the entertainment gadgetry includes like a DVD player and a Harman / Kardon stereo system.

Audi A8

Maria Shriver drives Audi A8

Pulling up at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel, Maria Shriver entrusted the valet to park her black colored Audi A8. This modern car is also a classic and seems perfect for the former First Lady of California. The full-size luxury sedan is not only plush and comfortable in the interiors but also an excellent car to ride. Its 4.2-liter V8 engine pumps out 369 bhp which takes the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 6 seconds. Speed has been electronically limited to 250 km/h in this nearly-limo sized car which has been studded with technology like navigation system and parking assist. Be warned though that it is a fuel guzzler.

Maria Shriver Wedding (1)

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Former governor of California, seven times Mr.Olympia, and a successful movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoyed a great married life with maria Shiver until the couple decided on separation. The two got separated officially in the month of may, 2011. Their marriage lasted for as long as 25 years! Maria Shiver used to be a popular television anchor when Arnold met her in a tennis tournament held at Forest Hills, New York. It was 1977 when the two first met for the first time. It was love at first sight from Maria's end. However, the two dated for eight long years until Arnold proposed for marriage to the beautiful lady while riding a boat in the Thal lake, Australia. It was summer of 85 when this happened. The following year was the most eventful as the couple tied the knots. The exact date of marriage was 2th of April, 1986. The time was 11 am and venue, St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Arnold was dressed in formal along with tails. Maria's wedding dress was more revealing. It was designed by Dior's Marc Bohan. The gown she wore was entirely pearl-edged white satin-&-lace with 11ft train. Maria carried a bouquet comprising of roses & French posies.9 bridesmaids present wore silk moire gowns in color shades of pink, blue,& violet.

Rehearsal dinner party was hosted by Aurelia, Arnie's mother at the Hyannis Port Country Club. There was also a champagne lunch reception limited only to some 450 guests. Some of the dishes being served included cold lobster, chicken breasts, and oysters. the wedding cake was nearly 7ft tall and featured 8 tiers. Peter Duchin's band played the wedding music.

Maria Shriver Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (2)

Hawaii vacations

Hawaii vacations

The glamorous television presenter was spotted in Maui in Hawaii spending quality time with her family on the paradise island. Featuring sandy beaches, gorgeous waterfalls and the world's most magnificent scenery, Hawaii is the favorite holiday spot for the rich and eminent.


Location: One of the most distinguished holiday destinations in the world, Hawaii islands is located in USA.


Accommodation: The Island’s luxury hotels and resorts offer a range of luxurious accommodations along with a welcoming atmosphere and brilliant hospitality service to delight the visitors. Equipped with world class amenities, the hotel’s comfy suites provide optimum comfort during stay.


Main Attraction: In Hawaii, everything right from the landscapes, tropical rainforests to the resorts and beaches offer extreme delight to visitors. The island features alluring beaches, world's most dramatic scenery, nearly consistent weather and many diverse micro-environments, which make it suitable to explore any time of the year. The visitors can explore incredible golf courses, intimate sunrise and sunset, soothing massages for rejuvenation, massive volcanoes and fantastic shopping destinations.

St Barts Vacation

Vacation in St Barts

American journalist and author took some time away from the pen and dipped herself into the warm and welcoming ocean at St.Barths on 2nd July, 2012. She vacationed in this tropical beach paradise along with her son and daughter dressed in her yellow and pink swimsuit. The journo not only dipped and splashed in the water but also allowed her adventurous side to show by hopping on to a canoe and navigating it with ease in the waters.

Location: St Barthelemy is a French overseas Collectivity which is located far from France, in the Caribbean. It is part of the Leeward Islands in northeastern Caribbean and lies to the north of St.Kitts.

Accommodation: There are about 25 hotels in St.Barts and have been classified into 3 categories - 3 Star, 4 Star and the 4 Star Luxe. There are also the ultra-expensive villas and resorts on offer.

Main Attractions: St.Barthalemy or St.Barths is traditionally known for its awesome beaches with fine white sand and beautiful sunshine. Considered as the playground of the rich and the famous, it boasts of beaches, high-end designers and gourmet banquets which are offered to its rich tourists in the winter. Apart from swimming, dipping, canoeing, boating, cruising and surfing in the beautiful waters at the beaches, those that choose can also indulge in some of the world's best nude beaches on offer here. Biologists and those that love nature will also be able to admire the rich aquiflora and aquifauna of the land. Those interested in buildings will love the cathedrals and Gustavo lighthouse. The place is known for its cultural and musical events that happen here on an annual basis.

Splash in the waves

Splash in the waves

On family vacation

On family vacation

Dragging her canoe

Dragging her canoe

Maria Shriver Cause (4)

After school All stars

Maria Shriver attends After school All stars event with Arnold

Maria Shriver got associated with After-School All-Stars (ASAS) in 2010. The non-profit organization conducts comprehensive after-school programs for kids to safeguard their lives while increasing their chances of achieving highest success in school and life. The organization was founded way back in the the early 90s by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The organization now serves over 82000 children from 450+ schools across the US. Maria Shiver, former wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, is a strong supporter of this NGO and has been an active volunteer of it since the early days.

Alzheimer’s Association

Maria Shriver supports Alzheimer’s Association

It is the leading organization working globally to provide necessary care and support to those being affected with Alzheimer's disease. Maria Shiver has been a regular volunteer of this organization. In fact, the organization is often considered to be the largest private NGO that funds for Alzheimer disease research works.

TEAM MARIA Best Buddies

Maria Shriver supports TEAM MARIA Best Buddies program

Team Maria Best Buddies has been created by Maria Shiver's brother, Anthony. The main purpose of this organization is to volunteer a global movement that will create some opportunities for integrated employment, leadership development, and one-to-one friendships for people suffering from some sort of intellectual & developmental disabilities

Shriver National Center

Maria Shriver supports Shriver National Center

The Shriver Report is a product of Maria Shriver and the Center for American Progress. The goal of this organization is to improve lives of people through effective and innovative programs. It has serving mankind for the past forty years. It offers protection against domestic violence, offers medical aid to poor and the needy, helping out homeowners to avoid necessary foreclosure, and ensuring proper safety for the poor.

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