Marie Antoinette silk shoes fetched $57,000 at auction
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Marie Antoinette silk shoes fetched $57,000 at auction

Marie Antoinette silk shoes fetched $57,000 at auction

A slice of French history was auctioned off for $57,000 which showcased an experience in to popular French culture that defined the extravagance of the famed yet despised Marie Antoinette. A pair of silk mules allegedly belonging to Marie Antoinette was brought under the hammer last Saturday for around $57,000 at the French Revolution era artefacts in Toulon, France.

Marie Antoinette's  Shoes Sold For $57,000

The sale is said to have overshot the expected value by 5,000 euros, proving Marie Antoinette’s mystical spell even in modern times! The moot point of instigation for stirring up the French Revolution in 1789 was blamed on to Marie Antoinette’s frivolous tendencies that brought in deep resentment among her subjects. By portraying her in a ‘larger than life’ frame , the Austrian-born, French consort, Marie Antoinette’s personal shoes garnered much interest within coveted social circles.

The shoes auctioned at Toulon are suspected to have been worn by Marie Antoinette, the Queen consort of French Louis XVI in commemoration of national day. This is made obvious by the white silk shoes that bear trimmings of the French tricolor pleated ribbons, dating back to 1790. The La Fête de la Fédération on July 14, 1790 celebrated the 1789 storming of the Bastille, marking the start of the French revolution. The shoe size 36.5 is believed to match Marie-Antoinette’s shoe size.

Marie Antoinette was tried and convicted for treason and finally guillotined on October16, 1793, just three years following the 1790 celebrations where she had worn the auctioned mules with a certain panache! The vintage silk shoe pair's record price makes it one of the most expensive shoes for women.

The French era artifacts also included one of her silk scarves and a portrait. The fragment of puce silk and lace from a gown worn by Marie Antoinette was auctioned off for $74,350, at a far higher price than its estimated range of approx. $5,500 to $6,650.

This portrait of the young Marie Antoinette at the age of twenty by Gautier-Dagoty, too featured in the auction lot.

Marie Antoinette at the age of twenty by Gautier-Dagoty

Via: Madame Guillotone

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