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Net Worth $ 500 Thousand
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Born on: 17th Jun 86 Born in: Canada Marital status: Single Occupation: Canadian actress
Born as Marie Avgeropoulos has an estimated net worth of $500,000. Avgeropoulos grew up in Ontario surrounded by fishing, camping, and also hunting. This young woman has spent a lot of her free time outdoors. Before her decision of leaving for Europe struck her, Avgeropoulos busied herself in school studying Broadcast Journalism. Avgeropoulos chose to go back to Canada but settled on the west coast of Vancouver just to chase her dreams. She got her first break in the entertainment industry at 21 years old. This was a result of her hobby, playing drums. A friend of hers alerted her to a casting call in Vancouver that was in the search of drummers. An agent felt that Avgeropoulos had talent and gave her various national commercial. Subsequently, director Chris Columbus (noted for his films Mrs. Doubtfire, Harry Potter, Home Alone, and also Rent) hired her for I Love You, Beth Cooper. Avgeropoulos was also given the chance to appear in several major networks on shows like “The Supernatural”, “Human Target”, “Fringe”, and also “Eureka”. In 2011, Avgeropoulos also got a chance to have a role in the Golden Globe Nominee film 50/50. Avgeropoulos made a decision to go to Southern California and try her luck there since she has gained success in Vancouver, Canada. Not for long, Avgeropoulos found herself getting approached by professionals who recognized her talents and wit. In six months, her papers arrived thus giving her more roles to fill in on the US National Commercial Campaigns, Lifetime Movie Network, as asll as in MTV’s “The INbetweeners.” Her wait for that leading role did come quick as she was given that role on a Pilot called “Fugutive At 17.” Avgeropoulos can be seen riding her motorcycle, making music, surfing, camping, and also fishing when she is not on the set.
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