Mario Ferrarini’s modular fireplace is not a seasonal thing

Andrea Divirgilio / February 17, 2011

Designer Mario Ferrarini has given a new twist to the traditional wood burning fireplace, with “Skema,” a modular design that even features a storage space for the wood for your fireplace, and can even serve as a showcase when in use or not in use. The combustion chamber is made of Corten steel or black lacquered finish and features locking glass-ceramic. The open spaces are interchangeable and can be customized as desired, creating a stack oriented to the right, left or center compartments, so you are not left with out-of-season décor. The modular wall fireplace is designed for Antonio Lupi, the Italian designer known for his multifaceted furniture designs, including the bathtub with book storage and the Aquarium bathtub, among notable others.

Via: Mocoloco/Mario Ferrarini

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