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Net Worth $ 43 Million
Marisa Tomei
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Born on: 4th Dec 64 Born in: United States Marital status: Single Occupation: Actress
Introduction: Though Marisa Tomei first gained some prominence for her role as a supporting cast member in A Different World, it was her Academy Award winning performance in 1992 which brought her into the limelight. She proved that it was not the case of being 'one-time lucky' as, a decade later, she was nominated for another Academy Award - for In the Bedroom. Her life has been an epitome of the fact that success comes to the non-quitters. Wealth: The only source of all her wealth is her appearances on the small screen and the silver screen. She has acted in about 50 movies in her life and 7 of them have been after 2010. She has also appeared in episodes of 4 television series with multiple appearances in A Different World and Rescue Me. Then, there is her video Core and Curves made in 2010. Spending: Marisa has purchased a duplex condo with private terrace in Greenwich village for $1.65 million. She uses a rich repertoire of products and brands. Jonathan Saunders, Preen and Roksanda Ilincic seem to be her favorite brands when it comes to dresses while she also uses Nicholas Kirkwood, H.Stern, Neil Lane jewelry and Anastasia. Of late, her visits to award functions and ceremonies seem to have increased! She is also involved in a lot of charity, supporting the causes of Human Rights, AIDS, Environment, Disaster Relief and Homelessness. She has supported Equality Now, V-Day, The Art of Elysium and Artists for Peace and Justice. She has not been known to vacation much and most of her time and energies are spent on pursuing her first love - acting. Personal Life: It has been a hard road to glory for Marisa Tomei. Her parents always wanted her to be an academician and she wanted to be an archaeologist. But that was until she attended her first Broadway show after which she set her heart upon acting and was completely supported by her grandmother in that. It was granny's influence that landed her the role of a teen seductress in As the World Turns. Her world turned after that and she got involved in regular drama. The Cosby-show spinoff, A Different World, led to her popularity which was topped by her Academy Award winning performance in My Cousin Vinny. The jealous and mocking world however engaged in vicious gossip about her victory being big mistake and fluke. Adding salt to those wounds was the fact that though Ms.Tomei acted in many movies after that, another Oscar eluded her. The movie-failuer rubbed on to her stage career as well - till Slums of Beverly Hills that is. Her single-mother portrayal in In The Bedroom got her an Academy Nomination and a permanent place in the hearts of people. Anger Managementin 2003 was a huge commercial hit after which the actress has won worldwide acclaim including a third Oscar nomination in 2008 for The Wrestler.
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Marisa Tomei Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (2)

Hawaii Vacation

Vacation in Hawaii

Marisa Tomei was on a vacation to the Hawaii island. The beautiful Hollywood actress was seen sailing through the river on a surf boat. But who was that handsome hunk sailing the boat? Marisa seemed enjoying the company of the stranger.

Location: Hawaii or the Big Island is located in the southeastern part of North Pacific Ocean. The island is considered to be the largest of all the Hawaiian Islands. It is said that these islands were formed due to volcanic eruptions during the ancient world.

Accommodation: Hawaii Island is a popular summer destination for celebrities. The island experiences lots of tourist presence all throughout the year, but summer months are usually over crowded. Many hotels and private apartments are available in Hawaii for safe and private accommodation purpose. Some of the most amazing hotels available in this island are Fairmont Orchid (Kohala Coast), Hilton (Waikoloa), Kona village resort (Kailua-kona), and Four Seasons (Ka'upulehu-kona).These are all classic luxury five star accommodation options. However, there are several budget motels, inns, and guest houses also available in the Big Island.

Main Attractions: The Big Island is ideal to enjoy water sports. Beaches offers splendid view of the widespread coastline. However, the rich flora guarantees a very pleasant stay in this island. Horse riding tours are extremely enjoyable in this part of USA. Other popular activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking. Never forget to visit the marine aquarium. The submarine tour is definitely one of the major attractions. Helicopter tours are also conducted to view the island from gravity. However, these tours are a bit expensive. Volcano national park, Jagger museum, and Akaka Falls are other popular attraction of the Big Island.

Vacation in Hawaii

Vacation in Hawaii

Paddle boarding with friends

Paddle boarding with friends

Splash in the waves

Splash in the waves

Lake Como Vacation

Vacation in Lake Como

It was party time in Lake Como for Hollywood actor George Clooney. It's the weekend vacation party thrown by the rich Hollywood celebrity that featured some of the leading celebrities like Marisa Tomei, and Evan Rachel Wood. However, Clooney's new found love interest Stacey Keibler could not be seen anywhere!

Location: Lake Como, a lake formed by glacial deposits, is located in Lombardy, Italy.It is considered to be the third largest lake present within the Italian boundary. The Y shaped lake features a town named Colico in its northern part and towns like Lecco and Como in the southeastern and southwestern part respectively.

Accommodation: Lake Como has always been a popular holiday retreat for royal and rich people of the society. Celebrities are often spotted during the weekend breaks. There are several private condos, boutique hotels, five star apartments, and spa resorts available in this different towns of this island lake. Some very popular accommodation options include Grand Hotel (Tremezzo, Castadiva Resort (Como), and Villa d'Este (Lake Como).

Main Attractions: Lake Como is simply a beautiful combination of deep blue sea and lush green coastal lands.Bellagio is the most beautiful village of Lake Como. This is the place where numerous gardens are located. Also, the Bellagio Beach is a popular attraction that offers stunning views of the super scenic coastline. Basilica San Giacomo is the 12th century gothic cathedral located in Bellgaio that features wonderful designer mosaics. Apart from these landmarks, the cruise ride is very popular among celebrities.

Marisa Tomei Cause (2)

Artists for Peace and Justice

Marisa Tomei wears supports Artists for Peace and Justice

Marisa donated a huge amount of money to this fundraising effort started in 2009 by Paul Haggis. The organization promotes social justice, peace and addresses the core problem of poverty and enfranchisement in global communities. The NGO supported by Bill Clinton managed to raise sufficient funds to fully sponsor educational institutions in Haiti. It aims to provide better education and regular medical treatment to the slum children desperately needing it.

The Art of Elysium

Marisa Tomei supports The Art of Elysium

The actress has heavily campaigned to support the charitable institution established in 1997 focused by encouraging artist, actors and well known personalities from the music world in trying to dedicate their precious time and talent to children suffering from life threatening medical conditions. The non-profit organization supported by actor Hugh Jackman helps by providing artistic workshops in fields like fashion, song-writing, acting, creative writing, art, music and comedy.

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