Mark III Pod: A fully-enclosed, high-end gaming cockpit

Andrea Divirgilio / November 6, 2008

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The Mark III pod from the house of PodWombats is a fully-enclosed gaming environment designed to amplify the immersive quality of next-gen video games. This high-end gaming cockpit offers an ideal environment for both PC and console gaming. The Mark III pod takes your gaming experience to the next level, whether it’s an FPS, racing simulator, or MMORPG. Moreover, there is no space for external distractions like phone calls, spouses, cats, or smoke alarms. Exactly 6 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 4 feet tall, it will fit comfortably in most household rooms. All the exterior panels are made of particle board that guarantees durability and easy transportation. A smooth-sliding canopy door makes for easy access from either side. A racing-style, reclined/adjustable seat sits in positioned the center of the pod. Armrests on both sides of the seat line the entire back half of the pod to accommodate all joystick, throttle, and gamepad peripherals.

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The pod also features a pullout keyboard desk and a shelf to support monitor. Ventilation holes have been placed on the front and rear walls, so you don’t have to worry of being getting choked. Available in range of colors, the Mark III pod is compatible with almost all the major brands of joysticks, combo throttle sets, and rudder pedals.

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The only downside is that the Mark III is entirely stationary. Pricing will vary slightly based on options. The standard Mark III pod is priced at around $2500.

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Via: PodWombats

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