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Marlon Brando Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 100 Million
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Born on: 3rd Apr 24 Born in: United States Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Actor
Marlon Brando net worth is estimated at $100 million. Born Marlon Brando, Jr.,  one of the greatest and most influential actors of all time was an American actor and one-time director. Marlon Brando net worth came from his television and film appearances as an actor. After studying acting with Stella Adler, Brando was almost instantly successful on Broadway. He then appeared in five productions back-to-back, including the original production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" - a step which became crucial to Marlon Brando net worth. His role as  Stanley Kowalski in the 1951 film,  A Streetcar Named Desire made him famous and earned  him his first Academy Award nomination in the Best Actor category. His other  Oscar-winning performances included Terry Malloy in On the Waterfront in 1954 and Vito Corleone in The Godfather in 1972, as well as influential performances in A Streetcar Named Desire in 1951, Viva Zapata! in 1952, Julius Caesar in 1953, The Wild One in 1953, Reflections in a Golden Eye in 1967, Last Tango in Paris in 1972 and Apocalypse Now in 1979. All these expanded Marlon Brando net worth in return. He died on July 1, 2004 due to respiratory failure at age 80.
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