Marshall’s Hanwell Anniversary Edition loudspeaker is for big stage experience at home

Andrea Divirgilio / September 1, 2012

Rock world’s amp of choice for decades; Marshall’s guitar amplifiers and speakers actually went on to become synonymous with rock and heavy metal, and are among the world’s most recognized brands in amplification, known for their specific sound, the Marshall ‘crunch’. Late Jim Marshall and makers at Marshall Amplification, who have been providing iconic guitar amps and speakers to the world of music, now commemorates the amplification division’s 50th anniversary with the release of Hanwell Anniversary Edition, the company’s very first home audio product to bear Marshall’s iconic script logo. Embodying Marshall’s legacy of loud, Hanwell hails from a line of 50th anniversary products, and moves Marshall’s heritage of big rock-stage performance, into your home. It’s also Marshall’s first speaker released that can be used both as a guitar and a HiFi speaker.

Marshall's Hanwell Anniversary Edition loudspeaker is for big stage experience at home

Makers at Marshall Amplification have worked in collaboration with Zound industries to produce Hanwell, which is Marshall’s first home audio product. Named after the birthplace of the first Marshall amp, Hanwell has been designed to keep Marshall’s tradition of listening to what the customer needs, and then exceeding their expectations, alive.


Designed to attain Marshall’s trademark tone, Hanwell is a carefully crafted machine, delivering sound that resonates with the presence and power of live music. On the inside, its dual long-throw woofers produce and hi-fi tweeters renders the sound sharp and clear sound.


Anyone who listens to rock music or plays guitar, or have seen the rock legends performing at stages, will immediately recognize the iconic Marshall design, which boasts iconic plastic nameplate on the front grill and gold accents. The fret cloth and gold logo on the front have actually been borrowed from vintage Marshall Amplifiers. And, to give this product a celebratory effect, it’s body has been outlined with gold piping.

Housed in a wooden cabinet and clad in black vinyl, Hanwell features an analog power switch, 3.5 mm input and controls for volume, bass and treble on the top.

And, as a tribute to Marshall’s 50-year strong legacy, each Hanwell will come branded with a numbered anniversary edition commemorative badge. However, there’s no information about the pricing and availability, as yet.

A year earlier, makers at Marshall Amplification also made a splash in consumer-audio with its Marshall Headphones spin-off.

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