Mary Kay’s pink mansion goes on sale
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Mary Kay’s pink mansion goes on sale

Mary Kay’s pink mansion goes on sale

Ms. Mary Kay Ash, who created the cosmetics giant Mary Kay Inc., was best known for her affinity with the color pink. It is known that the costimetics’ queen had many personal objects, which come in that shade, and one of them is on the market for sale. This relates to the $3.3 million price for her Pink Mansion, located in Dallas, Texas, which has some of her signature design ideas including the pink theme of the exterior, the pink bathtub with master bedroom, and also the pink quartz toilet. Apart from those large arches along the pathways, carved wooden artwork on walls and furniture, landscaped gardens, and sprawling private swimming are just some of the features of this property built by Ms. Ash. Though she may not have lived on this mansion since the 1990’s, she hasn’t left anything to be desired for in any part. Very reminiscent of her billion dollar cosmetics empire, which she built with equal care, and now generates around $2 billion in revenue each year.

Mary Kay Ash 'Pink Mansion'

Price: $3.3 million

Address: 8915, Douglas Avenue, Dallas, Texas, USA

Settings and Location: Located in the posh neibourghood of Douglas Avenue in Dallas, this property is indeed every bit the grand mansion, meant for private group celebrations. In fact, this is where the cosmetics tycoon used to hold parties for her company consultants, after it got built in the year 1984 by the Dallas Design Group. In terms of settings, it’s truly regal in every way as it spreads well over 11,874 square feet, which included pathways with large arches, landscaped gardens with swimming pool area, main building with dining room, living room, 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, apart from a separate garage area for car parking. The extensive quota of detailed glasswork and woodwork adorn the walls, bringing in a sense of vintage aesthetics. The main foyer and staircase area is one such example. The other notable feature of the single family home would be the Geo-thermal complaint construction, which helps in saving energy, and helps with better air flow management.

The Entrance foyer with staircase

Accommodation & Amenities: 6 bedrooms with 7 bathrooms including the master bedroom, 19feet x 17feet in dimensions. Other areas would include the living room (40feet x 22 feet), gaming room, dining room, terrace areas, gourmet kitchen, and swimming pool with landscaped gardens all around. Wine cellar, library, and even vanity rooms with walk-in closets feature as a part of the setup. There is also parking space with the attached garage within the compound, which has capacity for 4 full-seized vehicles.

Bedroom Interiors

There lies a lot of regal style along the way with the selection of fabrication such as the vinyl wooden flooring in some areas, other than granite and marble in some. There is also the burglar alarm system, central heating system, gas distribution system, apart from handicap amenities like the elevator.

Private swimming pool

Facts and figures:

· Was built in 1984 by the Dallas Design Group, and used as headquarters by Ms. Mary Kay Ash to host gatherings.

· Covers an area of 11,874 sq ft which would include the main building and its amenities apart from landscaped gardens within the private compound.

· Was sold in the year 2000, during Ms. Ash’s moves to downsize and let go of some assets. The buyer, who purchased this property, also had a similar kind of background in her life, where she built her business empire from humble beginnings.

· The mansion has been recently painted in shades pink, which was the signature color of Ms. Ash. In fact, the master bedroom has a special bathroom, which has been given pink fixtures such as the quartz toilet set of the same shade.

· Was on the market previously for more than $5 million, but now is being offered for for $3.3 million.


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