Maserati Quattroporte
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Maserati Quattroporte

Maserati Quattroporte

Quattroporte in Italian literally means "4 doors" and a luxury saloon holding such a name turns out to be a real class-act. The first Maserati Quattroporte hit the roads in 1963. Four generations later, the latest Quattroporte V was released in 2004. Making its debut in the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show, the car has not looked back since. With a 53 % rear/ 47 % front weight distribution, the luxury car handles nimbly and well. It could drive into your garage at home for a neat $300,000. The car arrives in four different configurations - the Quattroporte Sport GT, the Quattroporte Executive GT, the Quattroporte Sport GTS and of course, the base Quattroporte.


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A series of changes have swept the Quattroporte interiors, making it more trendy, luxurious and of course, comfortable. A multi-function steering sits pretty with its new sports grip and the setas provide maximum flexibility to the user. Intricate Italian craftsmanship in wood is visible in the regal interior design. These woods can be custom-ordered and personalised with the inlays. The necessary switchgear is located close to the driver with a central electronic handbrake. Along with wood, Poltrona leather forms the dashboard of the luxury car.


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Pininfarina, the famous builder of auto bodies has made the Quattroporte into an extremely stylish piece of metal. New features with advanced aerodynamics have rendered this flagship model into an elegant and unique luxury saloon. A new grille emblazoned with the traditional trident logo dominates the front while the headlights and taillights utilize the latest LED technology for a stunning look. The spoilers on the side, the Neptune wheel rims and the strong lines on the body give the car a look of power and delicacy at the same time.

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