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Net Worth $ 350 Million
Master P
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Born on: 29th Apr 70 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: American Rapper, Actor, Entrepreneur, Investor and Producer
Master P net worth is estimated at $56.5 million. Known as Percy Robert Miller, Master P is the president-CEO and founder of No Limit Records and Better Black Television. Add to that, he is also the founder of P. Miller Enterprises, which is an entertainment as well as financial conglomerate which is one sources of Master P net worth. Just like any other businessman, Master P invested his money on several things including a number of rap labels, clothing line, travel agency, video game company, film production company plus a phone sex line. He became even more known thanks to his record company No Limit because it introduced what Southern Rap sound is all about. During its peak, the company was able to house Snoop Dogg, Mystikal and Silk the Shocker. However, things started to breakdown and eventually Master P had to file bankruptcy in 2003 and even shutting the label. The business seemed to be in luck’s side as it relaunched itself in 2011 headed by Master P’s oldest son, Romeo. Just like that, the business opened its doors once again and their revenue has been better than ever. Having a net worth of $600 million, it went down to roughly $350 million. Financial problems arose when he and his ex-wife had a heated discussion over child support wherein Master P had to pay $271 million a month as his child support share for his four minor children. Adding to Master P net worth are the DVD films and television shows that he was able to star in. Because of the countless businesses his music mogul has, it does come as a surprise that he ranked tenth on the 1998 Forbes’ list of America’s 40 highest paid entertainers. Since Master P has a soft spot for charities, he dedicates his time helping others through the P. Miller Youth Centers as well as the P. Miller Food Foundation of the Homeless, this added a charisma Master P net worth. His daughter Cymphonique who is a singer/actress, his son Romeo who is a rapper/actor/singer also seeks some advice from their father when it comes to decision making. His brothers, C-Murder and Silk the Shocker, are also in the entertainment industry. You can clearly see that this rap tycoon has so much to offer and perhaps in the future, he will be adding new ventures under his name thus making Master P net worth grow even more.
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Cameleon Impala/Caprice

Cameleon Impala/Caprice
Who wouldn't want this kind of car? It's really cool because the color of the car is unique and the engine under the hood is in top condition.

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