Maximillian Eicke’s high end furniture line boasts $68k Panther Table made of carbon fiber and titanium

Andrea Divirgilio / November 23, 2012

The impressive 23-years-old artist and furniture designer Maximilian Michael Eicke, who has focused his talent, skills and global insights with contrasts of form, angles, edges and different materials to create both a dashing yet functional line of furniture has now designed the Panther dining table that is just light enough for 1 person to lift comfortably, and strong enough to be fully functional for anything that a table will ever be used for, and to support someone standing on top of it. Limited edition of 13 pieces, this sleek and elegant $68,000 graphite-black Panther table which is part of Mr. Eicke’s high-end furniture line, and is also the highlight of an exhibition at Jonathan Burden gallery, that actually marks the Manhattan debut of Maximilian Michael Eicke’s contemporary furniture designs.

Maximillian Eicke's Panther table

Maximillian Eicke's high-end contemporary furniture boasts $68k Table made out of carbon fiber and titanium

Crafted out of carbon fiber, Kevlar and titanium, the light-weight Panther table comes packed in a custom-built suitcase.

Maximillian Eicke's Panther table

And, it’s also easy to assemble, taking only 2-minutes from when you open the lid of the case till your ready to use the table.

Maximillian Eicke's Panther table

Notably, Mr. Maximilian has gained a vast array of knowledge and experience that has played an integral part in creating such a strong design philosophy, which reflects in his high end contemporary furniture line which include master designs like Cantelievered glass coffee table and Sculptural desk lamp, to name a few.

Cantelievered glass coffee table

The Cantelievered glass coffee table (pictured above) has been crafted with the usage of materials including powder coated folded sheet metal with stainless steel fixtures and starphire glass table top, while the Sculptural desk lamp has been created with materials like stainless steel base with two tone aluminum sheet metal. (pictured below)

Sculptural desk lamp

Via: MaxIDNY / NYTimes

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