Maximo Riera’s Elephant Chair is furniture art
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Maximo Riera’s Elephant Chair is furniture art

Maximo Riera’s Elephant Chair is furniture art

We had earlier told you about the octopus chair by famous designer Maximo Riera. The latest to join the list of Riera’s breath taking animal chair collection is a swish elephant chair. It is probably the first time that the grand animal, known for wisdom, memory and intelligence, has a chair designed on it.

Maximo Riera's  elephant chair

The sculptural furniture piece has actually derived inspiration from the Hindu Deity Lord Ganesha. Worshipped in India as the god that removes obstacles, the deity, with the head of an elephant and the body of a human being, is the prime influence behind the carvings and patters. Riera’s piece, in fact, has been reproduced according to the original hand made items.

Part of Riera's animal collection

Creating a modern day furnishing item using ideas from the sculpture of an Indian god, it goes without saying, was not as easy said as done. To build the asymmetrical surface, Riera took the helo of advanced software.

The elephant chair weighs 353 lbs or 160 kg

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The structure, however, is carved entirely from compressed foam with an internal steel frame for support. For the final object, Riera has stuck entirely to fine leather. His choice of material proved worthwhile as every single detail in the exquisite piece has come out looking refined. The elephant chair, though not as heavy as a real elephant, weighs 353 lbs or Valtrex online 160 kg.

Riera's animal collection is an ode to the entire animal kingdom

Riera’s animal collection constitutes a wide range of species, from reptiles to mammals. Insects have not been left out of the bandwagon either. A great homage to the entire animal kingdom inhibiting our planet, the collection captures the beauty of nature in the most artistic manner possible.

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Besides Maximo Riera's animal collection, the other fascinating furniture collection which has taken its asthma medications online, estrace without prescription : viagra pills! mycanadianpharmasy. buy cheap Viagra Online Xenical buy inspiration from the animal planet includes Wild Design’s zoomorphic collection. The collection features fascinating furniture designs inspired by all creatures big and small, clad in precious leather and lined with gold.

Via: OhGizmo/Maximo Riera

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