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Mazda 3 MPS

Mazda 3 MPS

The Second generation Mazda 3MPS has been refurbished in an attempt to make it look more engaging than its predecessor. Its predecessor, the first generation Mazda 3MPS launched in the year 2007 had the dubious distinction of being a forceful front-drive car on paper but without impressive looks and a mediocre performance in practicality. With the unveiling of the new 2nd generation car, Mazda has made all efforts to cure previous short-comings and transform its premier hatchback into a more engaging and sprightly machine. And at a competitive price of 21,000 pounds, the new Mazda definitely has a few secrets rolled up its sleeve.


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The Interiors of Mazda 3 MPS has been decked with black leather trimming in addition to the continuation of the red theme that is visible through highlights in the dashboard, gear-changing knobs, steering wheels and doors trimmings. A Satnav 10 speaker system with leather stereo kit is also available with parking sensors. The stereo system has a tiny screen that is controlled by buttons tagged on the steering wheel while the half-leather buckets could have used a little more creative imagination.


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The Exterior of the car has been revamped by the addition of flaming arches, boot-lid spoilers, and plump new front ends with an aping mouth. The bonnet has been designed with a gaping hole that poses a substantial danger to low-flying birds. The car’s torsional rigidity is impressive in addition to a bolstered chassis that has been empowered with stronger anti-roll bars and inflexible springs and shocks. The premium MPS Extreme version also receives new 19 inch BBS black alloy wheels and the car has been painted red with black stripes and a black roof.

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