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Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX – 8 is a sports car designed by Mazda Motor Corporation, Hiroshima, Japan. The car is powered by a Wankel engine and was introduced at the North American Motor Show back in 2001. Many upgrades to the car were made, but the car was phased out of the European market by 2010 as it could not meet up to the emission standards. The car went out, as it could not justify its sale in the American and European markets.


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The car's interior is not very posh, it is done up in carbon fiber cloth and plastic. Aluminum has also been used in a variety of places to reduce the overall weight of the car. The doors of the Mazda RX – 8 are designed on the famous freestyle door, a modification of the suicide door. The rear of the car was designed to offer enough space for people to practically use the rear seats. Hence the MX – 8 is genuinely designed to act as a 4 seat vehicle, instead of just a 2 + 2.


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The RX- 8 is designed as a front – mid engine vehicle, two doors, and four seat coupe with rear wheel drive. The car has an impressive 50: 50 front to rear weight ratio and a low second moment of area which is made possible by placing the fuel tank behind the rear axle and the engine behind the front axle. The front wheel showcases an independent wish bone suspension while the rear features the use of an independent multi link. The weight is kept at a minimum by using aluminum and carbon fiber body parts in various regions.

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