MBL C15 Mono-Power Amplifier for high-quality German sound engineering

Andrea Divirgilio / March 15, 2012

When one discovers the hand of German engineering behind a product, it is more or less taken for granted that it’s already a hit with most gizmo geeks around. That’s is definitely the case with MBL’s gadgets like the gold plated CD players, and also the X-Treme floor standing speakers, which had the advantage of great aesthetics too. Expanding their kitty with the most recent creation is the C15 Mono-power amplifier which will overpower most of its Corona line products with perfect ease. With the use of advanced engineering with minimalist sophistication of product aesthetics, this amplifier should be able to please discerning audiophiles too.

MBL C15 Mono power amplifier

What makes a mentionable difference for this amplifier as a product is the use of LASA (Laser Analog Switching Amplifier) technology. From the technical standpoint, this lends a steep degree of homogeneity of the THD, throughout the frequency range, which in the end remains independent of any load on itself. The other technical manifestation of this technology is the power output range remains unaffected, and the quality of sound output remains optimum at all volumes levels.

MBL C15 Mono power amplifier

The story of the product’s brilliance doesn’t just here either. All power supplies and transformers have been placed within special MU Metal treated partitions, which makes electronically as well as magnetically disconnected from one another. The advantage in this case is the non-interference in functioning of each part. Also, for regular users, these amplifiers have a flexible mode for connecting to different large speakers through single wiring or bi-wiring modules. Even standard Ethernet cables or the MBL Smartlink cables are there as alternatives. There will also be some options for the look of the amplifier which are a choice of gold plating, palinux plating, and other lacquer varities. In all, it should cost the customer $12,537 (€9,600) for each of these MBL amplifiers.

Via: MBL

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