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McQueen Le Mans Suit is the most expensive memorabilia in motor racing history at $984,000

Andrea Divirgilio / December 20, 2011

In what has become a part of racing memorabilia auction history, the Steve Mc’Queen suit which the star wore in the ‘Le Mans’ movie, has been sold to a bidder for $984,000. When one bars the sale of cars, this piece of racing memorabilia happens to be the most expensive single piece of automobile memorabilia ever sold at an auction. When one considers the fanfare and status of the movie, and that of Steve McQueen’s character, Michael Delaney, this suit would always have fans’ eyes fixed on it.

Steve McQueen Le Mans movie suit

Way back in 1971, Solar Productions had donated this suit to the British Newspaper, ‘The Independent’ for a Le Mans contest which took place shortly after the main parts of the movie was filmed. It was won by the then 12-year old Timothy Davies at the contest based, who had eventually put it up for auction again this time. The person to present the suit to him was Richard Attwood, who had won the Le Mans in 1970, and even gets a few moments in historic racing based movie. After being on the auction block then, the suit makes reappearance before finally landing up at the hands of a lucky winning bidder, who paid a total of $984,000 for it, thus making it the most expensive ever as a single piece of automobile memorabilia.

From all the specialties of the suit, it comes with Steve McQueen’s character’s name ‘Michael Delaney’ stitched on the side. So the current wearer, would perhaps ‘get into the skin of the character’, as some of the classic method actors would say. However, for those who have been fans of the actor-director; do check out the 1963 Ferrari Lusso auction, which was owned by the star himself.

Via: Autoguide

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