Meccaniche Veloci Only One watch made from the airframe of world’s most historic helicopter
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Meccaniche Veloci Only One watch made from the airframe of world’s most historic helicopter

Meccaniche Veloci Only One watch made from the airframe of world’s most historic helicopter

Speed locked in time- weird as it may sound, yet Meccaniche Veloci’s Only One collection is woven around a similar theme. In a one of its kind extravaganza, the Only One collection presents exclusive timepieces made from parts of helicopters, racing cars and airplanes- in brief, all objects that signify speed and raciness. Making its debut at Baselworld 2012, the range has all the makings of becoming a collector’s delight. We had earlier spoken on Veloci’s collection for Baselworld 2011. The spectacular timepieces based four engine pistons, had drawn inspiration from racetracks. The Meccaniche Veloci collection at Baselworld 2012, therefore, is a fond reminder of its much appreciated predecessor. While Veloci’s newest range may remain packed with a variety of racy pieces, the limelight undoubtedly falls on the Only One Air Huey- a grand piece which honors one of the world’s best known helicopters.

Meccaniche Veloci Starfighter helicopter watch

The Only One Air Huey

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That the Only One Air Huey packs within itself bits and pieces from one of history’s most coveted helicopters. The Huey helicopter set off on its maiden journey in October, 1956. These can you buy dapoxetine online . men's health. the maximum activity of dapoxetine observed four hours after ingestion. dapoxetine online pharmacy india aircrafts were used during the Vietnam War for medical evacuation operations. They are reported to have rescued as many as 1000 lives. The helicopters were part of the recue operation that saved 100 U.S soldiers stranded in Vietnamese jungles. Owning primarily to this incident, the aircrafts have found a position of eminence in war history. So, you see, anything that carries even a small veneer of the aircraft will be an absolute treasure for the collectors.

After soaring to the skies for the first time in 1956, the Huey is back on earth. Its latest avatar, the Swiss made Only One Huey, buy Clonidine features an exclusive dial, designed from the airframe of the original Huey. Available in a limited edition version, each and every air Huey watch is unique and distinctive. The dial which essentially captures all that the range stands for will be featured separate and exclusive in every watch. So, irrespective of whether you choose the Quattro Vavole 44 chronograph or the Quattro Valvole 48 Four Strokes, you are in something new.

Paying ode to its mesmerizing creations, Meccaniche Veloci has got the making and construction of all the time pieces certified and documented. So, what you have in return is buy Tadalafil a two ended deal that packs onto itself a great specimen of artistic finery on one hand and a rare historical treasure on the other. Collectors, we are sure, could not have been asking for more.

The Red Passion 98 collection

Meccaniche Veloci’s latest range, however, is probably as much about skies as it is about the land. If the Huey helicopter transports people to another era altogether, then racing watches bring them “back on track”. The Red Passion 98 collection is undoubtedly one of Veloci’s greatest revelations from the racing car category. Dials of the Red Passion beauties have all been taken from an ace Formula one single-seater racing car. The racing beauty, which debuted at Gran Prix of Australia in 1998, had won six races, apart from scoring twice in the Formula one Championship.

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If the Red Passion 98 mesmerized you all the way, then the Rider 250 is an absolute show stealer. The dial, needless to point out, features fairings of the original motorbike. The auto parts, however, find place in this Veloci creation on two different levels. The first one, done in bright colors, portrays the fairing. The order viagra online without prescription. brand viagra, generic viagra, viagra soft, viagra professional. safe & secure order processing. visa & mastercard accepted. second level, on the other hand, features the back of the seat of valves.

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Adding to the charm and aura of the collection is a titanium case. The piece flaunts a brilliant finish and embodies the tenacity of the sport.

Meccaniche Veloci’s Only One collection

Over time, pieces from Mecccaniche Veloci’s stable has combined auto engineering with superior craftsmanship. For those who did not know, the company has been around since 2006, producing brilliant watches where time and speed all come packed into one. Relieving the vivaciousness of high speed sports in spectacular timepieces, the company has always stood out from the pack owing to their technological imprinting and strong art designs. Therefore, each and every Meccaniche Veloci creation comes tagged with a story of its own. Veloci’s collection has borrowed generously from the speed world, to cover everything from aircrafts to racing cars to speed boats even. So, if you want to taste a bit of history, zip through order Topamax the racing tracks- all at one go, then Velcoi’s latest collection is certainly worth trying out!

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