Mechanical watch movement cufflinks set in 18K gold

Andrea Divirgilio / June 15, 2007

gold cufflinks 48

Fabricating a mechanical watch movement continues to stipulate years of preparation. Well, we are not talking about watches in particular but the cufflinks. Fabstuff is offering spectacular mechanical watch movement cufflinks, which are set in 18K gold. The cufflink set portrays the 20th century craftsmanship in a lustrous and contemporary make using movements from Elgin brand. The gears, livers, and the jewels taken for these golden cufflinks are from the watches of the early to mid 20th century and expose the secrets of harmonized precision. With approximate width of 2cm and a height of 1.7cm, each pair will have a faintly different size as they are true vintage pieces. If you want to add some more style to your already stylish shirt, you must get a pair of golden cufflinks for yourself on order. The price tag reads $1,404.

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