Men’s 7 Ultimate Wedding Collections
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Men’s 7 Ultimate Wedding Collections

Men’s 7 Ultimate Wedding Collections

Every bride will tell you the four main things to have at your wedding are the groom, the perfect dress, an amazing photographer and the perfect venue, because the wedding is all about the bride and how amazing, her special day.

What if we told you that this year it’ll be all about the groom. The groomsmen usually wear tuxedos. Although no man wants to outshine his bride, it’s time for us to focus on the men in the wedding party a little bit more.

After all, it’s their special day too, and with so many different brands to choose from, it may be hard to find the look you want. We’ve made it easier by presenting the 7 ultimate men’s wedding collections that are sure to make every man in your wedding feel amazing and look even better.


1- Get a Sophisticated Italian Look with Brioni

Brioni is an Italian brand that specializes in luxury. Their suits feature a narrow silhouette and these tuxedos can be tailored to your liking. The Brioni brand specializes in creating custom tuxedos for special events.

Grooms will be able to choose the fabric, lapels and the fit that they would like. A custom suit can take 6-8 weeks to make, so if you want a customized look, make sure to place your order on time.


2-Stick to Luxury Brands with Dolce & Gabanna

When you want a crisp, classic suit that will make you feel like the star of the show. A suit by Dolce & Gabanna is the way to go. Dolce & Gabanna is known for creating high quality, tailored suits and tuxedos that include hints of satin here and there to give a touch of modern elegance.

The guests of your wedding will be blown away if the look is complete with Dolce & Gabanna shoes, belt and tie. Whether you want to play up your wedding look with one of their great patterns, or stick to basics with their classic looks, you really can’t go wrong either way.


3-It’s Prada, or Nadda

If the man of the hour is looking for a suit that will tailor to his body perfectly, then a Prada suit might be the one. Prada is known for dressing high profiled celebrities such as George Clonney, Brad Pit and Bradley Cooper for red carpets and big events. If having a red carpet look is important for the wedding day, then a Prada suit is the way to go.

From the shoes to the tie, any groom will look like James Bond good in these digs. Prada is another company that does customized suits, so it feels like you were made for the suit rather than the other way around. Choose from their luxurious fabrics and designs to create a wedding look that won’t be soon forgotten.


4-Get Married Like a BOSS

If the groom cringes every time he thinks about having to wear a tuxedo, then a Hugo Boss classic suit is the one for him. Hugo Boss carries many different colors, suit styles and accessories, so the suit can be tailored to your liking.

Hugo Boss suits can be found at Nordstrom, as well as a large collection of shirts and ties to complete the perfect wedding look. If brides want their future husbands to wear a classic gray suit with blue pins and cuff links, BOSS will find the perfect color and suit combination that works with any wedding theme.


5- Look GQ Ready with Burberry

Burberry is for the groom that likes a modern take on the classic tuxedo. Burberry has an array of fitted suits that are perfect for a well put together wedding look. Every one of them is fitted to the wearer’s body. This enhances a mans masculine body features without taking away from the cut of the classic suit.

Burberry uses only the best wool and cashmere fabric for maximum  comfort, style and the perfect fit. These suits wear well and come in a number of price ranges to fit any luxury budget. In a Burberry suit you will definitely have a man about London look that just can’t be beat.


6- Get a Great Suit with a tailor Made Bonobo Suit

Bonobo is the perfect brand for the groom who wants to look great, but feel comfortable. If being comfortable while wearing a tux is a concern to the grooms, then Bonobo is the brand to shop. They’re an American designed and crafted luxury brand that caters to all men and their tuxedo preferences.

Bonobo gives one-on-one service so grooms can take their time and browse from an array of fabrics, styles and cuts that will take their wedding to the next level. The best part of the shopping experience, is Bonobo ships the suit directly to you, so you don’t have to come back to the store to pick it up. Now that’s service with a smile.


7- Brookes Brothers Covers All Your Wedding Bases

Brookes Brothers is for the groom who wants to wear his wedding tux for more than one occasion. If your groom wants to use his wedding tux for more than his wedding, Brookes Brothers is the way to go. They create suits that are elegant enough for a formal wedding and cool enough for a beach wedding.

Whatever the occasion may be he can never go wrong with a Brookes Brothers suit. Choose from Herringbone, a form fitting jacket or a suit that gives room to breathe. Complete the wedding look with shoes and accessories that will make any man look like a million bucks.

The wedding photos will be one of those items that will be kept forever, so why not make the wedding photos the best that they can possibly be?  Let’s face it, the bride will plan her wedding down to the tiniest detail, so why not give the groom the gift of an amazing luxury suit by having him wear one of these 7 ultimate men’s wedding collections?

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