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Mercedes Benz celebrates 125 years with limited edition pens from Aurora

Andrea Divirgilio / December 29, 2011

The year 2011 has been a historic year of sorts for the German car-making giant, Mercedes Benz. This is the year they celebrate 125 years of being at the zenith of innovation, style and quality in the world of automobiles, ever since Karl Benz started in 1886. To mark the occasion, we had seen the limited edition model cars from the brand earlier this year, and now they have managed to team up with Aurora pens, to create the limited edition series of writing instruments for the occasion. Symbolizing a similar stature of elegance, these writing instruments comes from the same maker of instruments whose creations were ‘Pens of the Italians’.

Mercedes Aurora 125th anniversary limited edition pen

The most premium of the lot is the Limited edition Optima, prepared with a black resin body. The novelty of the writing instrument is highlighted by the fact that there will be finishing of gold and diamonds, and even the nib of the pen will be specially crafted with the precious metal. Armed with the piston filling mechanism, the ink flow shall be as smooth as fuel to the engine in Mercedes cars, so writing will be just as much a pleasure as driving. The top of the pen cap shall have the Mercedes Star fixed on it, whereas the whole packaging will be a numbered wooden box with leather finish, 12 of which will ever be made. The price tag attached is $4,526 (€3,500).

Mercedes Aurora 125th anniversary limited edition pen packaging

The next in the series is the slightly lesser grande version of the Mercedes pens which will have a limited edition run of 125 writing instruments. Unlike the Optima limited edition, this pen will have a chrome body with the rings and logos made from the metal, sans the diamonds. However, the nib of the instrument will be the 14K gold version unlike the Optima, where greater weightage of gold was used. On the aesthetic front, it looks largely similar to the Optima limited edition, but will not sport the glittering gemstones. The price tag attached for this one is $517 (€400) for each pen. So, whether it’s a New Year gift or simply your personal indulgence, the Mercedes Aurora pens ought to be the target for all you pen lovers.

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