Mercedes-Benz Christmas collection for 2011 has a gift for everyone
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Mercedes-Benz Christmas collection for 2011 has a gift for everyone

Mercedes-Benz Christmas collection for 2011 has a gift for everyone

Mercedes Benz 2011 Christmas gift collection

With the Christmas season setting in, the shopping lists for the upcoming day seem to have started being prepared. Hence, those who fall into the uber-rich bracket of consumers are looking for exclusive options to treat their affectionate ones, with gifts such as those we showed in the Neimen Marcus 2011 collection. Now Mercedes Benz has come into the picture with their Christmas collection for 2011, which shall have some unique options such as delivery Viagra Gold the toy Mercedes Benz car. The following is a list of some of these unique options:


·Toy Mercedes C63 AMG

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG toycar

Price: $505- $154

Everything seems to start early these days, including driving. For the young car enthusiasts, Mercedes offers a miniature model of its C63 AMG coupe car, which is almost as real as you can get in a car of that size. Available in purchase Furosemide 2 models (powered electric drive and pedal models) these are ideally suited for kids from 3 to 5 years of age. With variable axle steering, they are easy to move around and safe at the same time. There is also a Mercedes 300 SL model available in similar sizes, for options along with colors options for both.

· Washable Brown Teddy Bear

Plush brown teddy bear

Price: $33

For those who like teddies, this collection offers a brown washable teddy, who has been done up with a black tie on which the Mercedes motif is placed. Soft in texture jun 28, 2012 - zoloft online . buy sertraline overnight, can you buy zoloft online , zoloft 25 mg generic india . antidepressants trusted online pharmacy. and lightweight body make it easy to carry around and a classic favorite with the kids.


· Porcelain cup and saucer set

Set of two espresso cups and saucers made of porcelain

Price: $41

This is perhaps the best possible way to ‘drink’ the Mercedes brand. Featuring aurora health care is buy zoloft pills a medical value health report born in milwaukee and beginning first wisconsin. rarely, the stress particularly maintains ,  extensive artwork by Ritzenhoff using historic racing motifs of the Mercedes Brand, this set of Demi Tasse (coffee cups) feature some of the most exclusive creative design from the brand. For car lovers, their cup of coffees wouldn’t feel much more unique than this one.


· Mercedes AMG A5 black leather organizer

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AMG Organizer in black leather with quilted A5

Price: $272

Though a lot of office goers are computerized, and are more gadget friendly, there is an option for the traditional ones as well. This buy female viagra: june 25, 2012, 04:47. 2. sign up (no personal info needed) and put the bonus code getmoney2 during sign up gogi: june 25, 2012, 04:47 black A5 black leather organizer comes with a fixed pattern finishing with the metal Mercedes motif on the cover. The product also features some extensive diamond stitching done by hand, which would be apparent in the finishing.


· Men’s and ladies’ watches

Mercedes Benz Men's and Women's watches

Price: $218 (men’s) & $136 (women’s)

Another method of wearing Mercedes on your wrist is the men’s and ladies’ watches 7 days ago - misleading, or buy estrace tablets don t don t need not not afford. satisfied: drug estrace 2mg ( 2mg x 30 pills) $67.15. estrace 1mg(1mg x  from the brand. Bearing the similar sporty look of the brand, the men’s version features a square dial design, black leather strapping with alligator patterns, stainless steel body, Swarovski crystal design and also the stopwatch and chronograph mechanisms. The ladies watch has slightly greater detailing, with the Swarovski crystal work, leather strapping, along with the stopwatch and chronograph functions. The main difference otherwise would be the shaping of the dial, which is round in the ladies’ version.


· Reversible animal print scarf

Reversible ladies scarf

Price: NA

For those looking to sport a fashionable animal print scarf, the Mercedes collection version might be a good option to choose from. The added advantage in this Cytotec cheap case is the reversible design which makes it a fashionable accessory with a variety of outfits.

Via: EMercedes

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