Mercedes-Benz SL interiors repurposed into office furniture
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Mercedes-Benz SL interiors repurposed into office furniture

Mercedes-Benz SL interiors repurposed into office furniture

There is automotive furniture and then there is Mercedes-Benz automotive furniture. The Stuttgart based luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz’s expertise in design and aesthetics goes beyond the realms of car interiors, which has been made obvious with its foray into the furniture business. The German automaker furniture line in collaboration the luxury furnishings company

Artist Katie Thompson

Together with local artisans and craftsmen she turned the car’s dashboard into a unique desk where the former speedometer is repurposed to become a magnetised pad, the air vents morphed to become a business card slot, while the oval speed and rev counter now featuring a curved world clock and the ignition lock used to serve a USB charger.

Driver’s seat office chair

The driver’s seat became a comfortable office chair, and the rear-view mirror transformed into a desk lamp, complemented by a gas and brake pedal pen holder. The chairs reminds us of the classy 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Nappa leather interior in nail polish red to appeal to the femme fatales as well.

Mercedes-Benz SL seat

Mercedes-Benz design forays in the past include the Mercedes-Benz EC145 helicopter, tailored for the Mercedes experience in the skies. The Eurcopter project was though conceived by the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Como, Italy themselves.

Mercedes-Benz SL interiors

Mercedes-Benz SL dashboard

Also check-out the Mercedes-Benz SL’s through the 60 years it has been into production, in the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL coffee table book published by teNeues, one of the leading Coffee table books publisher based in Germany.

Via: Mercedes-Benz

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