Mercedes-Benz Style Division expands beyond land to oceans and air

Andrea Divirgilio / May 5, 2010

mercedes benz helicopter 1

As the mere mention of Mercedes-Benz brings to mind the most illustrious luxury in car manufacturing, however, given the reputation of this brand that is synonymous with desire, it sure needs to expand its wings beyond land to oceans and air. This is precisely what Mercedes has planned as the “Mercedes-Benz Style” division takes the styling outside the automotive field to create furniture and lifestyle products and industrial design through special licensing agreements. So, as Mercedes brings its focus toward the luxury vehicle market, the first masterpiece revealed is Mercedes-Benz EC145 Helicopter that accommodates eight people and features wooden floors, seats upholstered in custom shades, TV, fridge and requisite cup holders along with enough space to store bikes and golf clubs in the tail. While Mercedes intends no threat to mid-level design firms, BMW or Porsche would really mind its presence here.

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Via: Gizmodo/eMercedesBenz/Core 77

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