Mercedes CLK DTM
Mercedes CLK DTM | $ 295,000
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Mercedes CLK DTM

Mercedes CLK DTM

Mercedes Benz CLK is a rear wheel drive, mid engined super car from the house of Mercedes, the legendary German automaker. A special lineup of the CLK model was rolled out with the name CLK DTM, which is predominantly a variant of sports car. Both the coupe and convertible model of CLK DTM are available. Mercedes CLK is considered to be the most successful sports car to participate in the German Touring Car Masters (DTM). The speeding beauty is the perfect combination of robust mechanical engineering with artistic beauty. Altogether its superb racing capability, sturdy and reliable built up, fantastic design and at last the trust of Mercedes makes it a true super car.


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The Mercedes CLK DTM features a true racing ambiance on the inside. The leather upholsteries draped on the seats are made up of very lightweight CFRP. The seats are ergonomically designed to strongly hold the occupants and come with four point seat belt system, for extra safety in racing conditions. The custom design of the seats provides optimum level of lateral support. The oval shaped steering wheel of the car is fitted with special grade synthetic material to provide maximum grip and support. Apart from the seats, CFRP is also used in the door panels and dashboard. The center console of the car is designed with some cool racing characteristics.


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The layout of this sports car is front engine, rear-wheel-drive (FR). The car is available in two basic design formats, coupe and convertible. The overall design of the car was executed, keeping in mind its racing intent. The ground breaking design of the car has helped it to emerge as one of the most successful cars on the racing and touring tracks.The exterior of the car is aerodynamically designed, to perform better at high speeds. The chassis of the car is designed to withstand the treacherous conditions faced by a car while touring or racing. The car comes with height adjustable spring coils and adjustable shock absorber units. The wheelbase of the car is around 107.2 inches. As far as the external dimensions of the car is concerned, the length, width and height of the car are 183.1, 70.9 and 53.5 inches respectively. The axle of the car is custom designed to accommodate newly designed spring links and hub carriers. The drive shaft is totally reinforced to make it race ready. The rear axle of the car is equipped with multiple-disc slip-differential system. This ensures optimum traction control. While designing the exterior of the car, the designers have made it a point to keep it as light as possible, by using special grade materials.

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