Mercedes-Benz Furniture Collection bring in high-end German designing into your homes
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Mercedes-Benz Furniture Collection bring in high-end German designing into your homes

Mercedes-Benz Furniture Collection bring in high-end German designing into your homes

In the recent past, we have previously touched upon the innovative area of home décor, where furniture designing has met with established auto brands, such as the Art Ball & Egg series, Bugatti inspired desk, and the David Clerk chairs. Now for those who are fans Buy Prozac no prescription of the Mercedes brand, luxury furniture retailer Formaitalia Luxury Group, is bringing a special series of tables and sofas, under the name of ‘Mercedes X Formaitalia’, which will enhance your home interiors with the designing expertise of the German auto giant. Signature to Mercedes standards, the fabrication quality and in-depth research of this furniture remains at a similar level as car brand, and primarily targets those with a modern set up with their homes.

Mercedes X Formitalia furniture collection

Come April 2012, and the Mercedes X Formaitalia collection shall be out for everyone to see at the Fuorisalone 2012 event. The brand which is treating male impotence virtually synonymous with modernism in design and overall appeal, along with premium level fabrication will find itself exploring a new genre of creativity, which will add to its overall laurels. Beginning with the frame of the furniture such as in the glass top table, the modern artistry is on display with the black toned designed, with a strong note sophistication and minimalism in it. The sofa on the other hand, largely similar in designing essence, carries a very aesthetic combination of smooth curves along its surface, and matched with ultra high quality fabrication and color combination of white & black.

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Mercedes X Formitalia furniture collection sofa

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