Mercedes S600
Mercedes S600 | $ 145,000
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Mercedes S600

Mercedes S600

The Mercedes S-Class has a distinctive automotive status of its own thanks to ground breaking engineering innovations and some top-of the line design cues employed in the making of this iconic car. The outstanding front decor, stylish tail and the glossy side adornments bring out the best in luxury car designing. Moreover, the LED technology noticeable through different lighting consoles like the daytime driving lamps, position lamps and indicators are very fashionable and noteworthy. The front radiator grille with horizontal chrome blades and the customized Mercedes logo sum up the fashion statement with élan. The interior is equally lavish and futuristic with complementing color tones, expensive leather embellishments and ergonomically designed seats ensuring optimum comfort. The steering wheel is accessorized in nappa leather, the central console and rear armrests in decorative wood trims and the ambient lighting scintillate the interiors with eye-catching lightening variations like amber, white and ice-blue. The Night View Assist has been tailor made for optimum visibility and navigation during night. Attention Assist alarm enable drivers to remain alert during instances of drowsiness or unresponsiveness. The safety features include anti-collision BAS seat positioning, ABS, Attention Assist and LED light packages. At over 1.5 lakh U.S. dollars, the S600 justifies every penny invested for its ownership.


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Hand woven Smooth, feather touch-semi-aniline leather seats, side supports and head restraints have been added to the upholstery for the 2012 edition of the S600. The ceiling and pillars are creased in richly designed soft Alcantra, detailed with comforting seams and a longitudinally tumbling center panel. Luxury head rests with variable side wings and the extensive use of hand-polished wood creates a truly majestic environment. Intuitive, seat-shaped controls help passengers find their ideal seating position with a 12-way power adjustment and a 4-chamber lumbar support. A memory system for each front seat memorizes three previous positions at the touch of a button. The S600 has been also blessed with Hands-free Bluetooth platform, Sirius Satellite Radio, 6-disced CD/DVD changer, iPod/Mp3 media platform, Bang & Olfusen platinum Sound systems, front and rear set entertainment system with COMAND internal navigation system featuring two 8-inch color-LCD widescreens, out of which one serves the role of a digital tachometer and the other acts as a central console controller for audio, video, hands-free calling and navigation functions.


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The 2012 edition of the Mercedes S600 is a moving embodiment of prestige and power and the car’s exterior design is an apt manifestation of that. It has an imposing grille having a doubly inclined logo, spread out 19-inch alloy wheels and chrome highlighted back bumper connecting two exhaust tips. The modern touch is accentuated by wind-swept side mirrors with built in LED turn indicators and chrome dapper strips starting from bumper to bumper heightening the long wheelbase. The bottom end of the car has twisting LED tail lamps that highlight the broad S-Class attitude and deliver a glittering nighttime presence.

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