Mercedes SL55 AMG
Mercedes SL55 AMG | $ 113,000
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Mercedes SL55 AMG

Mercedes SL55 AMG

There is no doubt that Mercedes commands prestige in the field of luxury car making. Over the years, it has perfected the art of infusing racing technology in road cars, which resulted in light weight cars with better traction control and lots of horsepower. Their craftsmanship and ingenuity reflects well in their SL class cars, though it’s not the costliest series in their portfolio. Mercedes has been producing the SL class cars since the 50’s. SL comes from the German phrase Sport Leicht (sport light weight). Mercedes SL55 first came into the scene in the year 1998 and was sold through AMG, now a part of Mercedes Car Group; it had the R129 bodystyle. Later in the year 2002, a new version of SL55 AMG was introduced with the R230 bodystyle. The origin of SL55 AMG can be traced in SL500, an earlier model of SL class. AMG took the design of SL500 and heavily modified it by placing a V8 engine under the hood; the new engine gives 50% extra power compared to its predecessor and can hit 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. It’s also the first Mercedes car with push button sequential gear shift. The base price of SL55 AMG is $113000; though features like the panoramic roof top can account for an added 1800 dollars. Some other prominent features include tire pressure monitoring system, active ventilated seats, etc.


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All SL class vehicles have a distinctive interior design and SL55 is no different. Customers have the choice to choose from three different colors for the interior. All major instruments are enclosed in two round pods on the dash board. Colorful graphics emboss the primary instruments; purple being the signature color used in SL class vehicles. The central console houses the command screen which is the nerve center of the car, that shows the navigation screen, controls the sound system, telephone, and other functions. The 5-speed gear shifting buttons are situated on the steering wheel. Seats of the car are covered with premium leather and have vibrators for continuous massage of the driver’s back; Seats can be adjusted to desired comfort levels. For storage, there are two lockable compartments behind the seats. There is plenty of room to spread legs and seat comfortably. The roof of the car gets folded into the rear end and thus saves a lot of space inside the car. The 10 speaker sound system with individual 100 watt sub-woofers can crank out decent sound. For safety there are front and side air bags.


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The SL55 AMG features a R230 bodystyle, which gives the car a roadster look. The body dimension is quite similar to its predecessor SL500, with the difference that SL55 is heavier. The car is a convertible with two seats and two doors. The front spoiler of the car differentiates it from other SL class vehicles. When the car passes by, one can witness the splendid rocker panels on both sides having engraving of sculptures. The rear end flaunts four chrome tipped exhausts that are quick to catch eye balls. 18 inch multi-spoke wheels also add sportiness to the overall image of the car. The ABC Active Suspension allows the driver to control the body roll of the vehicle while hitting curves. The car weighs around 2 tons, well within the SUV territory. The weight has little or no effect on the performance of the car. The car comes out of the factory in 14 different shades.

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