Mercedes SL63 AMG
Mercedes SL63 AMG | $ 147,000
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Mercedes SL63 AMG

Mercedes SL63 AMG

Mercedes has through its SL63 AMG hardtop convertible sought to strike an ideal balance between phenomenal performance and luxurious indulgence. Rechristened for the current year, the new SL63 has undergone substantial weight reduction, a competitive engine horse power and a range of exclusive safety features like an “ATTENTION ASSIST” system that is capable of alerting the drivers against the first signs of drowsiness. An innovative steering sensor has been integrated to an intelligent software that uses 70 criterion to establish a unique driver profile during the first 20 minutes of driving. The system thereafter identifies erratic steering movements that drivers might resort to when feeling drowsy and triggers an audible warning followed by using digital signals like 'coffee cup’, that acts as the stop signal.


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The SL63 AMG has been equipped with a comprehensive set of premium features like leather upholstery by AMG, a custom made Mercedes-Benz’ Harman Kardon Logic7 audio system having sound champers, a direction-finding system with 40 GB hard-drive and real-time traffic info by Sirius XM, Bluetooth smart phone connectivity, voice command recognition systems for audio, N.A.V, and phone, a panoramic auto roof, multiple-zone automatic climate adjustment system, and a power wind blocker for high speed top down motoring.

Those looking for additional luxury can opt for a Premium Package, that has features like key less entry, PARKTRONIC with active park assist, heated and ventilated seats, Mercedes’ AIR-SCARF, a customized neck-level heating system, a power trunk closer, and active multi contour seats. Other top of the line features include carbon ceramic brakes, Bang & Olufsen surround sound system and extraordinary 10-spoked 20-inch wheels. Safety features like six supplemental restraints including a triple stage knee and side and front airbags were also includes. Rolled over loop mounted at the back of the seats provide an extra measure of protection.


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The acronym SL stands for sport leitch or lightweight sport in English, since considerable efforts were made to strip mass from the new car to help it live up to its name. Underneath the cars sheet-metal is low-weight aluminum body shells similar to the ones used in the SLS super car AMG. High-tensile steel has been incorporated at key points to enhance firmness, but the majority of the car is primarily made up of lightweight aluminum. The Carbon fiber composite used on the trunk’s inner frame lid has been also used to trim weights substantially. In order to look different from the SL550, the SL63 AMG got its distinct body features like LED rights running lamps and special V8 Bi-turbo badges. At the back end of the car, a small spoiler lip advances aerodynamics and stability, while a sporty exhaust system departs from a unique diffuser.

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