Mercedes SLS AMG
Mercedes SLS AMG | $ 450,000
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Mercedes SLS AMG

Mercedes SLS AMG

The Mercedes SLG AMG is a luxury high-performance automobile specially designed for long-distance travel, and has become famous as a luxury grand-tourer. The first Mercedes automobile to be designed in-house completely by AMG, Mercedes SLS AMG arrives in four versions - a coupe with gull-wing doors, a desert version, a roadster and an electrically powered version. Rated as the sportiest car for 2011, the Merc SLS AMG with its best luxuries arrives at a price in excess of $450,000.


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The interiors are enough to make anyone drop off in wonder and in sleep! Great luxury and comfort are embedded in the sporty seats which have integrated head-restraints. The driver's area had been designed more like the cockpit of an aircraft with a wing-shaped dashboard, aircraft-engine shaped air vents and a central command console. The color combinations exude a high emotional appeal and can also be customized according to ones tastes.


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Gorden Wagener has to be credited for the revival of the wonderful gull-wing style in which the doors of this luxury automobile open out supported by gas struts. The bonnet is very long and this places the passenger compartment close to the rear axle than the front. The famous Mercedes icon sits pretty in the center of the large grille which adorns the front of the bonnet. The long and stylized headlamps lend an appearance of comfortable extravagance to the car.

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