Metrolla Strolla by Dan Levin looks like it belongs to Mars

Andrea Divirgilio / March 31, 2008

metrolla strolla

More and more strollers, outsized or undersized, are rolling into the pedestrian world. Choosing the right stroller can be pretty difficult since time, money, and most importantly you and your child’s comfort and safety all come into play. But with this Metrolla Strolla by dan levin, your infant will enjoy the best of the comforts and people are going to turn heads for more then once. Since not much is mentioned about the features of this oddly named stroller, you’ll have to take my word on it. The shape resembles a car seat that is fixed on some kind of stand. The site does state that it is a city stroller, for urban families, as this particular can disconnect from the stroller and connect to a bicycle with ease. Co-designed by Evan Garrett, stroller is also skilled to move up and down the stairs. Wonder how?

It also features an internal spring that offers the most bump-free comfortable ride for your brat. It is also designed such that you wouldn’t need a high-chair for feeding times. But we still cannot stress that it’s the best for reasons like…..there are no storage bins or pouches. And I couldn’t see a cup-holder too. Given that most Americans also use a stroller as a luggage/drink cart, this one feature is going to be a setback for Metrolla Strolla.

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