Metronome Technologie’s Kalista Ultimate SE CD Transport

Andrea Divirgilio / December 31, 2010

kalista ultimate se cd transport

Metronome Technologie, the French company founded in 1987, has earlier impressed the audiophiles with their Kalista CD Transport and now, the high-end audio firm has unveiled the new Kalista Ultimate SE CD Transport. The top-loaded CD Transport has been made around material selected for their ability to deliver the best sound and it presents the ultimate version with a new design to increase quality for the digital signal extraction from CD media. The new CD Transport features the Philips CDM12 PRO 2 pickup mechanism with custom modifications and new clamp.

Designed to deliver the high quality CD sound, the Kalista Ultimate SE CD Transport sells for approximately £50,000 (about $77,400). Check out the image gallery for more shots and the technical specifications.

Via: Cybwiz/EnjoyTheMusic

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