Mexican Robinhood Pancho Villa’s last Saddle auctioned for $718,000

Andrea Divirgilio / March 28, 2012

José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, more commonly known as Pancho Villa, was a one of the greatest known Mexican revolutionaries, who played a significant role in how Mexico as a nation would be shaped, during the early half of the 20th century. More of a Robinhood like figure, Pancho Villa is known to have enforced policies during his rule, for the poorer sections of society, for which he remains a cult figure to this day. In fact, there are many streets and public places named after him. This elaborate history was perhaps this very reason responsible for getting a winning bid of $718,000, for his personal saddle created just a few months prior to his assassination in 1923.

Pancho Villa's saddle

When going into the methods of how Pancho Villa went for his conquests, one would always notice his traditional horseback riding encounters. So, it wasn’t any surprise that a couple of the premium saddle makers carved this ornamental horseback saddle for the Mexican revolutionary to use during his endeavors, but the company lasted only 2 months, after which he got assassinated. However, much later in 1934, his widow decided to part with the saddle as a gift to movie director Howard Hawks who had it with him till 1976, when during a TV commercial he discovered that the saddle was stolen from his collection. He later filed a report for the same, and the saddle was recovered but he didn’t survive to receive it, either! In 1982, Mr. Hawks’ estate received the saddle, and in 1990, Chucky Ramsey bought it and kept it in his collection. He had recently decided to part ways with it, and it ended up receiving a world record setting price for an auctioned saddle. On close examination, the artwork and craftsmanship can be noticed in the silver wrapped threads on leather stumps, which is something really laborious to create. The silver worked miniature figures are a true sight to behold as well.

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Pancho Villa's saddle

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