Michael Coffey $158,000 mahogany bar cabinet is a true collector’s item

Andrea Divirgilio / January 24, 2012

After seeing specimens like the Sonoma hide-a-bar and Martinez bar cabinets, we were somewhat rested for the time being, especially considering elaborate wooden bar cabinets. But 2012 has changed it, as Michael Coffey has bought in his latest stroke of creativity; The Titan bar cabinet, being 800-lbs, and being carved out of a single chunk of mahogany wood! Looking at these specifications, along with the 8 ½ foot of length, this might well be called ‘the Big Show’ of bar cabinets, made more admirable with the carvings and overall shaping on this single chunk of wood.

Titan Bar cabinet

For those that may not have known the man, Michael Coffey has been in the business of creating furniture and working with wood over the past 3 decades (33 years to be precise). Through these years, he has actually evolved with his designs, as his phase of creativity in his work has undergone the similar pattern of change over time. Some of this has actually been displayed on the Titan cabinet, which has been made with 2 halves of 4-inch thick mahogany wood, which says that the product has been built in 2 distinct phases. The sharp edges on the patterned wooden block, reminds us of exotic inspirations from Egypt, but in totality, this furniture is more modern than what meets the eye. With the help of a remote control, or even manually, the door of the cabinet opens up to display the multiple shelves inside meant for housing the bar equipment, and some of the coveted alcohol. Since the shelves are rotating, it makes for better use of space, giving plenty of area for each category of bar equipment inside, while also making for a pleasing show.

Titan Bar cabinet

Looking at the heaviness of it, this is meant more for the classical mansion bar, where things aren’t always the most suave and bend on the classical look of things. The owner, who ends up ordering one of these cabinets, would perhaps do best by maintaining it on a regular basis, as the mahogany looks too precious to be left around. The $158,000 price tag comes with it too!

Via: Contemporary Studio/ NY Daily News

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