Michael J. Fox | $ 65 Million
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Michael J. Fox Net Worth

Net Worth $ 65 Million
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Born on: 9th Jun 61 Born in: Canada Marital status: Married Occupation: Actor, Author and Producer
Michael J Fox  net worth is estimated at $65 million.  Fox is a famous Hollywood actor of Canadian origin. He started his career in showbiz way back in the late 1970s with his successful 1980 debut film “Midnight Madness”. Fox again proved his acting capabilities in the hugely successful film series “Back to the Future”. Fox’s starring role in the American TV sitcom “Family Ties” earned him three Emmy awards and a Golden Globe Award. The artist has also tried his luck as a voice artist in the blockbuster “Stuart Little” movie series. Fox has also penned several successful books. All these became the source to Michael J Fox  net worth. Michael’s acting prowess has transformed him into a multimillionaire with an estimated net worth of "$65 million". Remuneration from films has provided more than half of Michael J Fox  net worth. A sizeable amount of money has also been made by acting in blockbuster TV sitcoms. MNC giant Pepsi has tapped into Fox’s immense popularity to sell their soft drinks and signed up the actor in a lucrative endorsement deal. Books authored by the artist have also registered impressive sales bringing in a lot of royalty money to Michael J Fox  net worth. The actor’s massive bank balance has ensured that he can easily afford to give all material comforts of life to his family. Fox loves large mansions and currently resides in a massive 6 bedroom property situated in the middle of a 1.2 acre estate in Southampton, New York valued at "$6.4 million", thanks to the huge Michael J Fox  net worth. Michael once owned a massive 121 acre farmhouse in Vermont but has moved out of it many years back. The actor is the perfect family man and devotes a lot of quality time to his wife and kids. Fox’s bitter battle with Parkinson’s disease spanning almost a quarter of a century has turned him into a staunch advocate of stem cell research in the hope of finding a cure to this disease. The Michael J. Fox Foundation started by the actor tries to find a remedy to Parkinson’s disease by funding advanced genetic research. This act added a cute charisma to Michael J Fox  net worth. Michael Fox was born in Canada and is the only son of actress Phyllis and police officer William Fox. He grew up in a very stable family environment. Fox’s personal life has been completely free of any kind of controversy and he enjoys the well-earned reputation of a committed family man. The actor met actress Tracy Pollan during the filming of the movie "Family Ties" and tied the knot on July 1988. The happy couple has been blessed with four children. The artist was diagnosed with the Parkinson disease more than 20 years back but fortunately he has managed to overcome the calamity and has recovered to a great extent with the aid of medication.
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