Michael Kors
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Michael Kors Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 200 Million
Michael Kors
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Born on: 9th Aug 59 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Designing
Michael Kors net worth is estimated at $1 billion. Michael Kors is an American fashion designer better known for bringing in a casual class to his eminent sportswear line. He started designing at the age of 19, and launched his first clothing line in the year 1981. Ever since he launched his first line, he earned the repute of being one of the most loved American fashion designers. His soaring popularity even made him a judge on one of the eminent fashion TV reality show. The talented fashion designer has a net worth of $1 billion, which is an outcome of his sheer skill and talent. The major source of Michael Kors net worth is the tremendous sale success of his designer range of clothing. Michael's designer clothing range is the hot favorite for almost every celebrity, which is evident as most celebrities in the red carpet events wear attire designed by him. Apart from this, Kors also serves as a judge on the reality television program "Project Runaway", which adds up another source of income into Michael Kors net worth. Currently, Kors has collection boutiques in prominent sites in the US including New York, Chicago, Beverly Hills and Palm Beach, which are crowded with America's fashion crazy generation, bringing in loads of business for the talented designer. Michael Kors is a talented designer for sure, and with a net worth of $1 billion, he has the full right to spend his accumulated fortune in the way he wants to. Well, the American designer spends majorly in collecting assets which include his plush, pricey and sophisticated apartment in the West Village locality of Manhattan, a plush home in the hustling New York city and some luxury cars, thanks to the huge Michael Kors net worth. Born Karl Anderson, Jr. on August 9, 1959 in New York, Michael changed his name to Michael David Kors, when he was just five years old. Young Michael grew up in Merrick, and graduated from the prestigious John F. Kennedy High School in New York. His mother Joan Hamburger is Jewish while his father Karl Anderson was Swedish. Michael Kors started designing clothes when he was just 19 and simultaneously studied fashion design skills at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, a step which became crucial to Michael Kors net worth. He launched his self designed Michael Kors womenswear line in 1981, after tremendous success of which, he was named as the first ever ready-to-wear designer for women and appointed as the creative director for a French fashion house. The eminent fashion mogul is married to Lance LePere since 2011, and the blessed couple stays in their plush home in New York.
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