Michael Thompson’s SplinterBike is a wooden ride in the truest sense

Andrea Divirgilio / April 28, 2011

michael thompsons splinterbike

After I came across the beautiful mahogany bikes by Sueshiro SANO, I have kinda started liking the wooden bicycles, as they are not just bikes but true works of art or perfect furniture pieces to ride on. But, nothing we have seen so far matches the splendor of the SplinterBike, which has its every part made from wood, be it the wheels, frame, gears or the saddle. There is no metal, plastic or rubber; everything on the SplinterBike is wooden.

To top it all, this wooden bike is capable of doing 31mph. It took 1,000 man hours to create the SplinterBike that weighs in at 31kg. You may be thinking about how they managed the drivetrain, as a wooden chain doesn’t seem a feasible option. Its makers replaced the chain with a huge 128-tooth cog that links the chainring and the gear on the rear wheel. Michael Thompson, the man behind the SplinterBike, said…

Originally we thought ‘wooden bike, bang it down the road, follow it with a car, watch the speedo – that’s it, job done. But it doesn’t work like that. Not if you want to be going into the history books. There are a lot of rules.

With the 100 percent wooden SplinterBike, which has one gear and no brakes, Michael hopes to break the speed record. I am not sure if this wooden marvel could really do 31mph, but they have good chances of making some good money by selling a few of them. They will certainly find a few interested buyers.

Via: Gizmodo/Guardian/SplinterBike

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