Michelle Yeoh’s inspired Constellation Vivre Vertu Collection is here with elan!

Andrea Divirgilio / May 27, 2009

constellation vivre
The latest Constellation Vivre collection from Vertu is a much needed refreshing break from the slew of blinged iPhone versions that we get introduced to, almost like a new horse at the races. This new collection is inspired and co-designed by Vertu’s brand ambassador, Michelle Yeoh, the celebrated star of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or The Geisha and Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle’s Sunshine with Vertu’s principal designer Frank Nuovo. Michelle Yeoh says, “For me, a Vertu phone is the ultimate accessory. So I really loved working with a designer who was able to adjust my ideas to the Constellation model, to create this beautiful new range.” The lush foliage of Yeoh’s home in Malaysia got her creative juices flowing, which led to the stylized leaf design on the Vivre handsets. The leaf pattern is delicately stitched with metal thread on the leather back plate, while it is also hand engraved onto the stainless steel bezel of the handset. According to Vertu, “The pattern conveys a sense of energy and the awakening of nature which is reflected in the fresh palette of the finest leathers.” The feminine pink handset is my pick of the Vivre range, but the Vivre black limited edition handset with rose gold bezel comes close too. Both of the models come encrusted with diamonds for a opulent feel, besides the handsets also come in ocean blue and fuchsia. The Vertu Constellation Vivre Collection ranges from $10,000 to $40,000 per handset.

Via: Luxury-Insider

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