Miele’s new CombiSet Modular Cooking Centre

Andrea Divirgilio / March 25, 2008

Miele brings brings both a streamlined look and professional cooking to your kitchen with it’s new Miele CombiSet built-in cooking range. This Miele Salamander featured here, is just one of the CombiSet domino-style modules from which you can mix-n-match to create a cooking centre tailored to your individual needs. Miele Salamander is a built-in induction cooktop which features canopy. The unit is made in stainless steel and the controls are neatly built-in the worktop.

The company has also released other high-end appliances including its Generation 5000 ovens offering the ‘Moisture Plus’ feature which allows you to bake and roast in a moist micro-environment. The ovens boast sleek design with great cooking features.

miele oven1
The control panel is designed as a three-dimensional unit tilted towards the user. A narrow strip of LEDs below the control panel provides a visual signal that the oven is ready for use. This SpeedLight atmospheric lighting goes out later when the oven has reached the set temperature. A key feature is the AirClean catalytic converter, which effectively prevents the release of cooking odours, keeping greasy vapours from depositing in your kitchen.

via Miele

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