Miele’s Motorized Height-adjustable Ventilation Hood for Hi-Tech Kitchen

Andrea Divirgilio / October 12, 2007

motorized ventilation hood
We have told you about motorized kitchen shelves and the next onto the automation list is motorized ventilation hood from Miele. This innovative ventilation product, DA424V showcases a unique motorized height adjustment feature, which enables the hood to glide up, out of the way, or down, closer to the cooktop by 12 full inches when needed. Sturdy slide tracks, concealed in the telescopic chimney section, allow the canopy to be retracted to a depth of 28′ or fully extended 40′ down. A simple touch to the controls smoothly shifts the hood to the perfect elevation to remove smoke and odors, or to a more ergonomic level for the cook. The automated ventilation hood also flaunts sleek design to add to the stylish looks of your kitchen.

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