Mike Myers
Mike Myers | $ 175 Million
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Mike Myers Net Worth

Net Worth $ 175 Million
Mike Myers
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Born on: 25th May 63 Born in: Canada Marital status: Married Occupation: Actor, comedian, screenwriter, and film producer
Michael Myers is best known for his comedy acts and hilarious acting in films such as, ‘Austin Powers.” This comedian was born on May 25, 1963 in Scarborough, Ontario to British parents Alice and Eric Myer who are originally from Liverpool, England. This goofy talented Canadian has been in the spotlight since the age of eight where he began showing off his skills in commercials in British Columbia for Hydro Electric advertising. After that, his career took off in acting and he is one of the most famous comedians and actors today in America.   When it comes to Mike Myers wealth, he has a net worth of $175 Million dollars. This funny 48 year old man earn his hard earned money from acting in films such as, “Austin Powers,” “ The Cat in the Hat,” “Shrek Forever After,” and “Shrek The Halls.” The star also earned some of his wealth from doing comedy acts on, “Saturday Night Live,” which people could not get enough of because of how funny they were. Other activities this talented star does to help him earn money is writing screenplays and performs them in front of audiences to help him develop new characters for films.   Now, you all are probably wondering what Mike spends his $175 Million dollars on and one of those things would be his $2.4 Million dollars mansion in Beverly Hills. The actor even spends his money on games since he loves playing them so much. His favorite game to play is, “Dungeons & Dragons,” with his wife Kelly Tisdale. He even enjoys buying game tickets to watch hockey and football with his family and friends and says he enjoys watching his favorite hockey team, “ The Toronto Maple Leafs,” play as often as he can. When the star isn’t spending money on his games he does spend some of it romancing his lovely wife and spoiling his family members.   In 1980 Mike, meet Robin Ruzan at a hockey game in Chicago where the two of them hit it off. In 1993, the lovely couple got married, but the star thought of Ruzan as his “Muse,” and nothing more than that so by 2005 the married couple did file for divorce. Then in 2006, Mike began falling for a café owner named, “Kelly Tisdale,” and soon began dating her. By 2010, the couple got married and had a beautiful boy together named, “Spike.” Today, the lovely family is still together, they enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons together, and going to hockey, soccer and footballs games in England and in America.
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