Mimi Faust | $ 1.5 Million
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Mimi Faust

Keep It Clean Inc

Net Worth $ 1.5 Million
  • Birthday1st Jan, 70
  • Birth PlaceUnited States
  • Marital statusSingle
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Born Oluremi Faust has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Mimi Faust is a cast member of the reality television show of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She was the girlfriend of Stevie J who was once one of   most popular and successful producers in hip hop, having worked with artists like P Diddy, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z.  Stevie J, a Grammy award winning recording producer produced Notorious BIG's entire second album "Life After Death". Faust and Stevie J have a daughter named Eva which Mimi has the full custody after they separated. Mimi Faust describes herself as "self made dance machine, potty mouth and a mother". Mimi stood by Stevie J's side when he almost lost his $20 million worth because of mismanagement. Despite her effort, Stevie J remained unfaithful to her which resulted for Mimi to put a stop to his infidelity on the first season of Love & Hip Hop. Mimi planned to teach Stevie J to prioritize his family and career. Mimi has finally moved on and has been dating Nikko since Mimi officially called it quits in September with Stevie J.


  • "Doing the show was a blessing and a curse.I’d still be in the dark and clueless had I not done it. The downside is dealing with the truth."
  • “When I’m at home with my daughter, I don’t know what Stevie’s doing when he leaves the house. Stevie will say I’m going to the studio. I’m not going to the studio to check on Stevie, I’m at home with my daughter."
  • "What everybody else was seeing, I wasn't privy to. All I knew is he was going to work, and I’m at home with my daughter.”
  • “The first time I knew she existed was about two weeks before we started the show. It was all brand new to me, this was the first time I found out about her, her name, and all of that… I was living through it as we were taping.”
  • “I’m absolutely concerned about it, I've said it over and over again. You guys can see it in episodes coming up that’s definitely a concern of mine."
  • "The message that I will be sending to her, especially because she’s a little girl and she will grow up to be a woman, and I don’t want to send the wrong message to her or I don’t want her to think that what he’s doing is right and that’s the way a man should treat a woman. I’m absolutely concerned about this whole thing.”
  • "It just happened to be a ridiculous, way-out-there situation, and that’s just what it was. "
  • "It wasn't their fault that what was going on with us was so off the wall. That’s really what it was. They were just capturing the moment.”"
  • “I’m not embarrassed or ashamed about anything. This is my life. Excuse me Mona. I've been self-sufficient all my life.”
  • "Whoever sees it and has an opinion about it, that’s fine, they’re entitled to their opinion but I know what I've done and I know what I've said and if it’s not being displayed or showed I can’t really do anything about it."

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Karen Millen

Mimi Faust sported a sleeveless pink sheath dress which features a sculptured one shoulder ruffle and waterfall detail down one side on one of the reunions of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” show.

Zafira Nude Suede Swarovski Crystals

Mimi Faust sported a diamond drop earrings worth $1,850 Zafira Nude Suede Swarovski Crystals on her Love & Hip Hop Show.

Jimmy Choo Sandals

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