Mitsubishi Evo VIII
Mitsubishi Evo VIII | $ 61,000
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Mitsubishi Evo VIII

Mitsubishi Evo VIII

Universally applauded for its unrefined power, excellent handling and a spine-tingling driving experience, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII was designed as a four door sedan for ensuring high performance on roads. The car was launched in the 2003 Tokyo Motor show, and was one of the main attractions there. The Lancer Evolution VIII featured a revised suspension system for making the journey on wheels smoother, and a slightly lower slung in order to keep the center of gravity at low. Apart from this, a rear limited slip differential and a revised ACD (Active Centre Differential) were employed in combination with the Super AYC (Active Yaw Control), a feature used for deriving significant performance improvements. The Super AYC feature was incorporated to transfer two times the torque of the current AYC. The capacity to transfer more amount of torque between the rear wheels reduces understeer and extends the cornering limits.


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The car’s luxury features can be accounted for by the ultra-comfy Recaro seats and completely automatic air conditioning system, which made the travelling experience a real retreat for the driver and passenger. A nicely aligned four spoke Momo steering wheel was also present to maximize the driver comfort. The dashboard housed all the gauges and meters positioned just below the steering wheel. Overall, the cabin design can be rated good considering all the practical amenities it incorporated.


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The car’s front fascia featured a nice styling and so did the rear end. Nearly straight bonnet design appeared a bit conventional with quadrilateral shaped headlights at the extreme end. A front grill was present right at the center right above which was embossed the Mitsubishi brand logo. Trapezoidal shaped windows appeared bright and clear and the roof was given a slight curvaceous design. A large carbonate rear spoiler was present at the back to improvise the mechanics of vehicle motion. Premium tires were fitted to multi spoke 17-inch alloy wheels, which produced a sizzling effect as the wheels started rolling. The bonnet is obviously unusual with the addition of a large size single air intake for intercooler. An appreciably restyled and more aggressive looking front end is notable by its connected grille-front bumper, and by its remarkable V-shaped nose.

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