Mizuno’s new Pro Limited Edition baseball glove sells for $500

Andrea Divirgilio / September 26, 2012

With ‘sport’ as its passion and ‘technology’ as its partner, Mizuno USA Inc., which takes special pride and pleasure in being able to provide sports equipment of the highest quality, has now introduced the exclusively-new Pro Limited Edition baseball glove, in an effort to make ‘better’ happen, everyday. Especially designed for the elite-level players to help them play like they love to, this state-of-the-art and high-tech baseball glove comes complete with its own service plan, along with an off-season conditioning program, ensuring that it lasts forever, to always be with you, during the play.

Mizuno’s new Pro Limited Edition baseball glove sells for $500

Crafted from the finest Japanese Deguchi-tanned Northern European Kip leather, offering the best proprietary tanning and the tighter fibers; the Mizuno Pro Limited Edition baseball glove notably features masterly conditioned leather, which is defined to be stronger than than previous Mizuno Pros.

On the inside, the Pro Limited Edition baseball glove comes lined with Shika Palm Liner which has been crafted out of elite deer skin, delivering an unparalleled soft feel. And, while you’re out in the baseball grounds, this glove which has been especially engineered with Mizuno’s Speed Drive Technology, delivers the perfectly balanced position to provide the fastest reaction and best response possible.

Mizuno’s new Pro Limited Edition baseball glove sells for $500

The Pro Limited glove is made available in a total of 10 limited edition for all the positions including catcher, first base, and pitcher.

Importantly, Mizuno will use the Strong Oil application to condition the glove perfectly, ensuring it stays supple and soft for fielding grounders. And, the special service plan also lets you tension free about the repairing of your $500 Pro Limited glove, after giving it a workout all season.

Via: Discovery / MizunoUSA

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